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Macromedia Flash 5 Techniques Tutorial

As in Virtual Training Company's other "Techniques" tutorials, the Flash 5 Techniques tutorial takes the user through ten projects that concentrate on different skills needed to maximize this application. Author Rick Martin assumes you have a basic understanding of Flash 5 and goes step by step through projects like basic and advanced animated splash screens, scrolling text windows, flashing mask animation, custom cursors, advanced preloaders, and more. Start learning how to use Flash 5 to its fullest by clicking on one of the movie links below.


About This Course

Animated Splash Screen

Overview and Setup
Creating Words pt 1
Creating Words pt 2
Setting up Movie Clips
Blinking R
Backward Turning R pt 1
Backward Turning R pt 2
Curious Nose pt 1
Curious Nose pt 2
Curious Nose pt 3
Returning The Nose
Forward Turning R
R Looking up
Bouncing R
Bouncing R pt 2
Bouncing R pt 3
Mirror Surface
Background and Instance Names
Startled R
Crashing Letters pt 1
Crashing Letters pt 2
Arts Movie Clip Animation
Add Sound
Continue Button

Coffee House Splash Screen

Overview and Setup
Coffee Bean
Coffee Cup Body
Coffee Cup Edge
Coffee Cup Inside
Coffee Cup Handle and Stripe
Coffee Cup Demolition
Assembling The Spotlights
Adding the Cup
Bouncing Beans pt 1
Bouncing Beans pt 2
Bean Shadows
Bean Shadows Animation
Cup Rattle
Continue Button
Filling the Cup
Sound and Cleanup

Splashing Balls Interface

Overview and Setup
Purple Glass Ball
Modified Glass Ball and Housekeeping
Ball Animation
Ball Animation Reflection
Splah Animation
Adding The Balls To The Main Movie
Text Splash pt 1
Text Splash pt 2
Glowing Buttons
Text Animations
Testing and Tweaking
Exit Animation Method 1
Exit Animation Method 2
Sound and Export


Overview and Setup
Base pt 1
Base pt 2
Timing Strip and Light
More Pushbuttons
Tonearm Base
Tonearm Counterweight
Cartridge and Spindle

Scrolling Window

Overview and Setup
Buttons pt1
Buttons pt2
Background Window
Window Actions
Down Controller pt1
Down Controller pt2
Up Controller
Slider Container
Slider Movement
Slider Actions
Slider Control pt1
Slider Control pt2

Music Mixer

Overview and Setup
Records Playing
Sound Clips
Record Container
Draggable Record pt1
Draggable Record pt2
Draggable Record pt3
Record Return
Record Drop
Start the Music
Stop the Music


Overview and Setup
Broken Text and Symbols
Light Ray outlines
Light Ray Fills and Tweens
Light Ray Alpha Effects
Ordered Light Rays
Tweaking and Centre Glow
The Easy Way

Flashing Mask

Overwiew and Setup
Spotlight Duplicates
Text and Flashes
Metal Text

Custom Cursor

Overview and Setup
Cursor Graphic
Cursor Replacement
Target Detection

Advanced Preloader

verview and Setup
Movie Setup
Progress Bar
Variable Initialisation
Text Setup
Text Alignment
Check Loop
Progress Bar Control

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