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Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 Tutorial

Macromedia® has designed Fireworks MX 2004® to help both designers and programmers create engaging, attractive and functional websites in the shortest time possible using MX® technology. It comes with the ability to import, create, and export a wide range of different file formats. Although created for Web development, Fireworks MX 2004® can be used for the creation of CD-ROMs, kiosks, and other applications. Virtual Training Company author Jen deHaan shows users how to create, edit, and animate graphics and text using Fireworks MX 2004®. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Macromedia® Fireworks MX 2004® links below.


About this CD
What Fireworks is Used For
What is New in Fireworks MX 2004
Installing Fireworks on Windows
Installing Fireworks on the Mac
Activation & Trials

Setting Up Fireworks

The Fireworks Workspace
Creating/Opening & Saving
Customizing the Workspace
Setting Preferences Pt 1
Setting Preferences Pt 2
Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
Finding Assistance

Navigating The Workspace

Main Menu & Document Tabs
Working with Panels & Toolbars
The Tools Panel Pt 1
The Tools Panel Pt 2
The Property Inspector
The Document Window & Status Bar
The History Panel & Commands
Guides/Grids & Rulers

Working With Fireworks

About File Formats & Saving
Importing Images & Files
Selecting Objects & Artwork
Changing Canvas Attributes
Understanding Layers
Working with Layers
Using the Web Layer
Batch Processing
Find & Replace
Using Extensions

Applying Colors

About Color
Learning about Color Palettes
Using the Swatches Panel
Sampling & Applying Colors
Using Color Effects & Styles

Working with Vector Graphics

Learning about Vectors
Creating Vector Shapes
Editing Vector Shapes
Auto Shapes
Vector Paths & the Pen Tool
Editing Paths
Vector Path Tool
Modifying Strokes

Working with Images

Bitmaps & Importing
Creating Bitmaps in Fireworks
Selecting Images
Editing & Erasing Bitmaps
Cropping & Filters
Burn /Dodge & Smudge Tools
Rubber Stamp Tool
Correcting Image Color

Using Text

Adding & Editing Text
Text Properties Pt 1
Text Properties Pt 2
Text Effects
Converting & Transforming
Placing Images Inside Text
Type on a Path

Using Effects

About Effects
Applying Live Effects Pt 1
Applying Live Effects Pt 2
Applying Live Effects Pt 3
Editing Live Effects

Masking/Blends & Styles

Using Masks
Making Vector Masks
Making Bitmap Masks
Editing Masks
Blending Modes
Transparency & Blends
Creating & Editing Styles

Buttons & Animation

About Buttons
Using the Button Editor
Button Symbols & Nav Bars
Making a Pop-Up Menu
Modifying Pop-Up Menus
Working with Frames
Making a Looping Animation

Fireworks & The Web

Web Layer & URLs
Looking at Hotspots
Creating Image Maps
Slicing Tools & Guides
Slices & Rollovers
Optimization & Previewing
GIF Optimization
JPEG Optimization
Exporting HTML
Exporting Your Works

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