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Macromedia Fireworks 8 Tutorial

Macromedia® Fireworks 8® is a mature, robust, full-featured image-editing application particularly geared toward the Web. It allows designers and programmers to create engaging, attractive and functional websites quickly. It supports importing, creating and exporting a wide range of file formats. Although created for Web development, Fireworks can be used for creating CD-ROMs, kiosks, and other applications. Virtual Training Company author Michael Thomas Green shows users how to create, edit, and animate graphics and text using Fireworks 8®.

Introduction and Setting Up

About Fireworks 8 and This Course
New in Fireworks 8 Pt.1
New in Fireworks 8 Pt.2
The Fireworks Workspace
Setting Preferences

The Fireworks Interface

Using Panels
Using the Property Inspector
Keyboard Shortcuts

Creating Graphics: Foundations

Vector Graphics vs. Bitmap Graphics
Line / Pen / Rectangle and Ellipse
Auto Shapes Pt.1
Auto Shapes Pt.2
Auto Shape Properties Panel
Working with Bitmaps

Working With Text

Creating Text Pt.1
Creating Text Pt.2
Getting Text from Outside Fireworks
Attaching Text to a Path
Reshaping Text on a Path
Transforming Text (or Any Object)
Inserting Special Characters
The Text Editor
Pasting an Image Inside Text

File and Edit Menus

File Menu Pt.1
File Menu Pt.2
Edit Menu: Undo and Redo
Edit Menu: Insert New Button
Add Swap Image to Button
Add Status Bar Message to Button
Add Pop-Up Menu to Button
Edit Menu: Symbols and Libraries
Built-In Symbols and Libraries
Intro to Hotspots and Slices
Insert Polygon Slice
Empty Bitmap
Insert Layers
Insert Frames/ Animation
Find and Replace
Copy / Clone / Copy as Vector

Other Menus

The View Menu Pt.1
The View Menu Pt.2
Select: Super / Sub / Similar / Feather
Select: Expand / Border / Smooth Marquee
Select: Marquee to Path and Vice Versa
Modify > Canvas > Image Size
Modify > Canvas > Canvas Size / Color
Modify > Canvas > Trim / Fit
Modify > Canvas > Rotations
Modify > Alter Path > Expand and Inset
Modify > Combine Paths > Join
The Text Menu
The Commands Menu
The Filters Menu
The Window Menu
The Help Menu

The Tools Panel (Toolbox)

Pointer and Subselect Tools
Marquee and Oval Marquee Tools
Lasso and Magic Wand Tools
Add / Subtract / Multiply Selection
Line Tool
Pen Tool
Redraw Path Tool
Vector Path Tool
Pencil: Auto Erase / Anti-alias
Pencil / Brush: Preserve Transparency
Scale / Skew and Distort Tools
Reshaping Paths with the Pen Tool
Freeform and Reshape Tools
Path Scrubber Tools
Paint Bucket and Eyedropper Tools
Rubber Stamp Tool
Replace Color Tool
Red Eye Removal Tool
Blur and Smudge
Dodge and Burn
The Image Editing Panel

Working with Color and Tone

Color Palettes
RGB and Hexadecimal Color Models
CMY / HSB and Grayscale Color Models
HSL Color Model
3D Effect w/ Gradient and HSL Luminance
Color Bit Depth and Transparency
Web Safe Windows and Mac Color Palettes
Custom Color Palette / GIF Adaptive
Levels and Curves: Auto and Eyedropper

Using Filters

Intro: Paths / Strokes / Fills and Filters
Adjust Color
Bevel and Emboss
Convert to Alpha
Find Edges
Shadow and Glow
Eye Candy
Alien Skin

Layers / Masks and Blend Modes

Layers Pt.1
Layers Pt.2
Vector Masks
Bitmap Masks
Alpha Masks
Blend Modes Intro
Blend Modes / Opacity and Filters
Blend Modes and Masks
Combining Blend Modes Using Color Fill

Fireworks Workflow

Creating New Documents
Opening / Importing and Pasting
Zooming and Scrolling
Grouping and Combining Objects
Arranging and Aligning Objects
The Align Panel

Creating Animation and Interactivity

Tweening and Using Frames Pt.1
Tweening and Using Frames Pt.2
Animation Symbols
Flash vs. Animated GIF Export Pt.1
Flash vs. Animated GIF Export Pt.2
Slices and Hotspots Pt.1: Hotspots
Slices and Hotspots Pt.2: Slices
HTML Setup
Slices with Rollover / Single Image Pt.1
Slices with Rollover / Single Image Pt.2
Slices / Nav Bar / No HTML Frameset Pt.1
Slices / Nav Bar / No HTML Frameset Pt.2
Slices / Nav Bar / HTML Frameset Pt.1
Slices / Nav Bar / HTML Frameset Pt.2

Optimizing and Exporting

Optimizing: Creating Slices
Optimizing GIFs
Optimizing JPEGs
Index Transparency / Matte
Multiple Index Colors
HTML Slices
CSS HTML Rollovers
Integrating with Dreamweaver
Flash Integration for Exported Files
Import PNGs to Flash: with Editablity
Import PNGs to Flash: Maintain Appearance

Automating and Extending Fireworks

Extension Manager: Enabling and Disabling
Extension Manager: Download from Exchange
Creating Commands with the History Panel
Editing Commands
Batch Processing


Wrapping Up


About the Author

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