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Macromedia Fireworks 4 Tutorial

Macromedia Fireworks 4 brings efficiency to Web graphics production! Let Virtual Training Company author Rick Martin show you how to create, edit, and animate Web graphics using a complete set of bitmap and vector tools. In this tutorial, he will teach you to use export controls to optimize your images, give them advanced interactivity, and export them into Macromedia Dreamweaver and other HTML editors. You will even learn how to launch and edit Fireworks graphics from inside Dreamweaver or Macromedia Flash. Get busy learning now by clicking on one of the below topics.

Introduction and Setting Up

About Fireworks 4 and This Course
Whats New in Fireworks 4
The Fireworks Workspace
Setting Preferences pt1
Setting Preferences pt2

About Web Pages

The Internet and World Wide Web
Internet Architecture and Web Delivery
Web Page Architecture
Web Graphics
Vector Graphics vs. Bitmap Graphics
RGB and Hexadecimal Color Modes
Other Color Modes
Color Depth
The Web Safe Color Palette
Graphic Formats pt1
Graphic Formats pt2
Monitor Resolution
Download Time

Fireworks Workflow

Creating New PNG Documents
Opening / Importing and Pasting
Navigating and Modifying the Canvas
Vector and Bitmap Modes
Layers and Frames
Arranging and Aligning Objects
Grouping / Hiding and Combining Objects
Masking pt1
Masking pt2
Compositing and Blending Modes
Symbols and Instances
Batch Processing
Keyboard Shortcuts

The Toolbox

Pointer and Subselect Tools
Marquee and Oval Marquee Tools
Lasso and Magic Wand Tools
Line and Pen Tools
Shape / Pencil and Brush Tools
Text Tool
Scale / Skew and Distort Tools
Reshaping Tools
Eyedropper and Paint Bucket Tools
Eraser and Rubber Stamp Tools
Hotspot and Slice Tools


Stroke and Fill
Effect and Info
Mixer / Swatches / Table and Options
Optimize / Object and Behaviors
Layers / Frames and History
Styles / Liary and URL
Find/Replace and Project Log

Working With Text

Creating Text
Importing Text
Attaching Text To a Path
Transforming Text


About Retouching In Fireworks
Brightness and Contrast / Hue and Saturation
Blurring / Sharpening and Finding Edges


Optimizing Overview
Optimizing GIFs In The Workspace
Optimizing JPEGs In The Workspace
Optimizing While Exporting
Matte and Transparency

Creating Simple Buttons

Creating a New Button
Button Graphics and Behavior
Previewing and Exporting

Creating A Simple Navigation Bar

Overview and Setup
Modifying and Duplicating Buttons
Adding Behavior and Exporting

Creating A Navigation Bar With Pop Up Menus

Overview and Setup
Modifying and Testing

Creating An Image Map Web Interface With Image Swap

Overview and Setting Up
Button Text
Center Text
Center Highlight and Slice
Button Hotspots and Frames
Assigning Image Swap Behaviors
Optimizing / Exporting and Testing
Compromising and Modifying

Sliced Web Interface With Image Swap and Rollovers

Overview and Setting Up
Drawing Slices
Assigning Behaviors and Exporting
Method Comparison


Opening and Importing Existing Files
Creating and Editing Animation Symbols
Working With Frames
Animation Controls and Export
Final Thoughts and Contacts

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