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Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Advanced Tutorial

This is the third in the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX series of tutorials from the Virtual Training Company. Author Mark Fletcher is a Member of Team Macromedia for Dreamweaver and a regular contributor to Macromedia DevNet; he is also a Certified Macromedia Professional. Mark shows the user how to work with CSS, add style to web pages, create page layouts, use integrated code tools, create web pages that comply with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and how to utilize Dreamweaver's templating tools. Mark also demonstrates the extensive integration between Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Macromedia Contribute. To start learning, simply click one of the topics below.


About this Course
The Lessons Folder
Resources & References
Dreamweaver Updater

Site Configuration

Local Information
Remote Information FTP & Local / Network
Remote Info RDS, VSS, WebDAV
Testing Server
Design Notes
Contribute Administration
Site Cache & Exporting Definitions
Existing Sites
FrontPage Sites

CSS Overview

Understanding CSS
Local Styles
Linked and @Import Directive
The Cascade
Class and ID Selectors

CSS & Dreamweaver MX

CSS Positioning
Static DIVs
Creating a CSS File
CSS and Link States
Styling with Classes
Sizing Text
Line Height
Background Color
Background Images
Link Elements

Advanced CSS

CSS Preferences
The Box Model
Creating a CSS Layout
Building the Header
Applying Style to the Main Content
Link and List Styles
CSS Layout Wrap-up
External CSS Editor
CSS Layout Resources
CSS Navigation Bar

More on Advanced CSS

Floating Content
Stacking CSS Boxes
Transitional Table Layouts
CSS and Data Tables
CSS and Print
Design Time Stylesheets
Linking CSS Files
CSS and Contribute
Embedded vs. External Styles
CSS and Dynamic Content

CSS Bugs and Hacks

Debugging Overview
CSS Validation
Box Model Hack
Dealing with Netscape 4.x
Netscape 4 and Modern Browsers
Comment Hack
Internet Explorer Conditional Comments
CSS Resources

Coding in Dreamweaver MX

Coding Tools
Document Structure
Converting HTML to XHTML
Understanding Doctype Switching
Code Hints and Tag Editors
Reference Panel
Tag Inspector
Code Coloring
Tag Libraries
Custom Tag Libraries

More on Coding

Code Formatting
External Editors
Rewriting Code
Code and Contribute Users
Tags that Do Not Render in Design View
Table Structure Model
Column Group Tags
Column Tags
Fast Table Rendering
Server Side Includes
Library Items vs SSI

Templates - Basic

Dreamweaver MX Templates Overview
Constructing a Template
Creating Child Pages
Exploring the Template Code
Templates and Dynamic Content
Optional Regions
Editable Optional Regions
Repeating Tables
Repeating Regions
Updating Template File
Dealing with Inconsistent Regions

Templates - Advanced

Understanding Nested Templates
Constructing a Nested Template
Template Parameters and Nested Templates
Editable Attributes - Basic
Editable Attributes - Advanced
Template Expressions
Conditional Template Expressions
Using Parameters with Optional Regions
Conditional Multiple If
Working with Complex Expressions
Expressions and Repeating Regions
Templates, Library Items and Behaviors
Nested Templates & Passthrough Parameters
Removing Template Mark-Up - Page Level
Removing Template Mark-Up - Sitewide
Exporting Template Data as XML
Importing XML into a Template
Templates and Macromedia Contribute
Template Preferences
Template Resources

Optimization & Validation

Web Page Optimization
Reducing the Weight of a Page
Optimizing Mark-Up
Optimizing CSS
Externalizing JavaScript Code
Cleaning Up Word HTML


What is Web Accessibility
Accessibility and the Law
Assistive Technology
Accessibility and Dreamweaver MX
Accessibility and Images
Accessibility and Color
Sizing Text
Layout Tables
Data Tables
Image Maps
CSS Page Layout
Simple Forms
Fieldset and Legends


About the Author

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