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Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Fundamentals Tutorial

Mark Fletcher - Certified Macromedia Professional, guides users through developing a web site with the latest version of Macromedia's leading web editor, Dreamweaver MX 2004. He demonstrates the fundamental techniques required to harness the full potential of this professional HTML/XHTML editor, enabling users to design, develop, and maintain, web sites that adhere to the latest web standards. Some of the key new features covered in this course: CSS to increase control over a web site, making it more accessible and easier to maintain; Dreamweaver's cross-browser validation feature, which ensures that no pages are using markup, or CSS not supported in certain browsers. Save time cropping, resizing and making minor changes to images with Dreamweaver's built-in Fireworks technology; copy and paste from Word and Excel documents directly into Dreamweaver while maintaining the appearance of your Office documents; edit files and change code directly on remote FTP. To begin learning today, simply click one of the links below.

Introduction to Dreamweaver MX 2004

What is Dreamweaver?
System Requirements
Dreamweaver Updater
The Lessons Folder

Planning and Design

Design and Visualization
Naming Conventions
CSS and HTML Prototyping
Tracing Image

Creating a Site

Creating a Site Definition - Win
Creating a Site Definition - Mac
Advanced Site Setup

Dreamweaver Basics

Start Page
Document Window
Insert Bar
Document Tool Bar
Creating New Doc
Document Structure
Preview in Browser
Browser Target Check
Panels and Panel Groups
Relevant CSS and CSS Properties Tabs

CSS Overview

Why CSS?
Understanding CSS
Classes and IDs
Attaching Style Sheets
The Cascade
Overriding CSS Rules
Pseudo Child Selectors

Document Setup

Page Properties - Appearance
Page Properties - Link State
Page Properties - Headings
Properties Inspector
Exporting CSS Styles
Panels and CSS Styles - Page Appearance
Panels and CSS Styles - Headings
Panels and CSS Styles - Link States


Adding Text
Selecting Text
Aligning Text
Text Objects
Special Characters
Creating Font Sets
Text Size
Problems Sizing Text
Check Spelling
Word Documents


Web Graphic Formats
Default Images Folder
Inserting Images
Alternative Text Label
Assets Panel
External Image Editor
Integrated Image Editing Tools
Image Placeholders
Image Rollovers


Creating Text Links
Image Links
Named Anchors
E-Mail Links
Image Maps
Modifying Image Maps
Link Object
Absolute and Relative Paths
Null and Script Links
Link Checker
Site Map and Links

CSS Positioning

CSS Positioning Basics
Absolute Positioning
Floating Content
Relative Positioning
CSS Positioning Techniques


Unordered Lists
Ordered Lists
Definition Lists
CSS Rollover Buttons

Template Design

Top of Page
Main Content
Navigation Bar
Tidying up the Index Page
Inner Page
Validate CSS and Create Templates

Data Tables

Inserting Tables
Tables and HTML
Import Tabular Data
Exporting Table Data
Selecting Table Elements
Resizing Table Elements
Aligning Table Elements
Merging and Splitting Table Cells
Cell Padding Space and Borders
Headings and Accessibility
Copy and Paste
Formatting Tables
Sorting Tables
Excel Copy and Paste

Layout Tables

Layout Tables Overview
Adding CSS
Styling the Sidebar
CSS and Print


Forms Overview
Inserting a Form
Positioning Form Elements
Text Fields
Password Fields
Multiple Line Fields
Radio Buttons
Menus and Lists
Scrolling Lists
Hidden Fields
File Fields
Submit and Reset Buttons
Image Fields
Form Properties
Forms and Behaviors
Forms and CSS

Library Items

Library Items Overview
Inserting and Updating
Library Items and Behaviors
SSI vs. Library Items


Templates Overview
Creating Templates
Creating Pages Based on Templates
Updating Pages Based on Templates
Exploring Template Code
Optional Regions
Template Preferences


Insert and Edit Flash Content
Flash Buttons
Flash Text
Flash Elements

Site Navigation

Navigation Bar
Show Popup Menus
Modify Show Popup Menus
Jump Menus
PVII Menu Magic II
PVII Tree Menu Magic
Flash Bang
Site Map

CSS Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the RU Rocket Club CSS
Dealing with Netscape 4
The Box Model and Internet Explorer 5.0 / 5.5
Hiding CSS from Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer Conditional Comments
Internet Explorer - Mac Bugs
Hiding CSS from Opera

Site Management

Configuring a Remote Folder - Basic
Setting up a Remote Folder - Advanced
Moving and Renaming Files
Adding and Deleting Files
Link Checker
External Links and Orphaned Files
Checking Links Using the Site Map
Publishing your Site
Understanding Check In and Check Out
Configuring Check In and Check Out
Selecting Newer Files


What are Frames?
Creating a Frameset
Frames Panel
Saving Frames and Framesets
Frame and Frameset Properties
Opening in Frames
Frames and Links
Nested Frames
No Frames


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