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Macromedia Dreamweaver 8: Advanced Tutorial

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 is the most popular Web design and Web development tool available today, and has become the industry standard. In this course, author, Lucinda Dykes, demonstrates everything you need to know to use Dreamweaver 8's advanced features to create dynamic database-driven Web pages with ASP, PHP 5, and ColdFusion MX 7. You don't need to be a programmer or a database expert to use Dreamweaver's advanced features, but you do need to be familiar with Dreamweaver's basic features, including creating HTML pages and Web sites with either Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver MX 2004, or Dreamweaver 8. Lucinda shows you how to work with Web servers, application servers, and databases to create dynamic pages. Work files are also made available, so you can follow right along! To being learning Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Advanced today, simply click on one of the links below.


Course Introduction
System Requirements
New Features For Advanced Users
Dreamweaver Workspace (Windows)
Dreamweaver Workspace (Mac)
Dreamweaver Workspace (Windows & Mac)
The Application Panel Group

Web & Application Servers

Server Fundamentals
Using the IIS Web Server
Using the Apache Web Server
Using the Services Window
Installing ColdFusion MX 7 with IIS
Installing ColdFusion MX 7 with Apache
Configuring IIS For ColdFusion
Installing PHP 5
Configuring PHP & Apache
Testing Your PHP Installation

Working with Code

View Options
Code Preferences pt. 1
Code Preferences pt. 2
The Coding Toolbar
Code Collapse
Editing Code with Commands
Validation & Browser Checks

Setting Up a Dreamweaver Site

Using a Root Folder
Local Info
Remote Info
Using a Testing Server
Site Management Features
Setting Up a Siteless Connection

Using Databases with Dreamweaver

Database Concepts pt. 1
Database Concepts pt. 2
Choosing a Database
Installing MySQL
Configuring MySQL in Windows
Using MySQL with Apache
Database Drivers
Creating a DSN

Database Connections

ASP Database Connections
ColdFusion Database Connections
PHP/MySQL Database Connections
Creating a MySQL Database
Viewing a Database

Basic Database Queries

Using Simple Recordsets
ASP & PHP Recordsets
ColdFusion Recordsets
Filtering Data
Sorting Data

Advanced Database Queries

Introduction to SQL
Retrieving Data
Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Editing Data
Joining Database Tables
Using Advanced Recordsets
The Database Items Tree

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Text
Dynamic Images
Editing Dynamic Content
Using the Live Data View

Dynamic Tables

Recordsets For Dynamic Tables
Inserting a Dynamic Table
The Dynamic Table Object
Adding Navigation Links
The Recordset Navigation Bar
Adding a Record Counter

Dynamic Forms

Using HTML Forms
Adding Dynamic Text Fields
Dynamic Checkboxes
Dynamic Radio Buttons
Creating a Dynamic Menu
URL Parameters & Variables
Form Parameters & Variables
Validating Forms with JavaScript

Master/Detail Page Sets

Master/Detail Page Sets
Master Page Step By Step pt. 1
Master Page Step By Step pt. 2
Detail Page Step By Step
The Master Detail Object

Editing Database Records Online

Pages For Inserting Records
The Record Insertion Form Wizard
Updating Records pt. 1
Updating Records pt. 2
Updating Records pt. 3
The Record Update Form Wizard
Deleting Records pt. 1
Deleting Records pt. 2

Search & Results Pages

Using a Single Search Parameter
Displaying Simple Search Results
Using Multiple Search Parameters
Displaying Complex Search Results

User Registration & Login

Registration Page pt. 1
Registration Page pt. 2
Login Page pt. 1
Login Page pt. 2
Creating a Logout Page
Redirecting Unauthorized Users

Using XML & XSLT

Creating an XML Page
Adding CSS to an XML Page
Using Client-Side XSLT
Server-Side XSLT pt. 1
Server-Side XSLT pt. 2

Course Wrap Up

Final Thoughts


About the Author

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