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Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Fundamentals Tutorial

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 is a professional HTML editor for the design and management of web sites. It has everything you need to develop a web site. Mark Fletcher authors these VTC tutorials and helps you to a better understanding of the fundamentals of Dreamweaver 4. He will guide you through planning and creating a site, setting up a document, adding text and graphics, and even managing your site. You can begin tapping into his wealth of knowledge by clicking one of the subjects below.

New in Dreamweaver 4

General Overview
Code Editing
Reference Panel
Assets Panel
Flash Text & Buttons
Layout View
Roundtrip Slicing
Keyboard Shortcuts
Templates and CSS
JS Debugger
Site Enhancements
Site Reports
VSS and WebDAV
Extensions Manager

WebAssist Extensions

Cookies Extension - Overview
Cookies - Displaying a Name
Multiple Cookies
Cookies - Personalization
Flash Chart Extension - Overview
Flash Chart Extension - Advanced User Mode (pt1)
Flash Chart Extension - Advanced User Mode (pt2)

Getting Started

What is Dreamweaver
Work Space
Document Window
Objects Panel
Customizing the Objects Panel
Dockable Panels
Properties Inspector
Previewing in a Browser
Web Safe Colors

Planning & Creating a Site

Planning your Site
Design & Wireframing
Tracing Images
Define a Site
Organizing Site Structure

Document Setup

Setting up a Document
Naming Conventions
Page Title
Background Colors
Font Color
Link Colors
Background Images
Color Schemes


Adding Text
Selecting Text
Paragraphs & Line Breaks
Bold & Other Styles
Fonts & Font Sets
Creating Font Sets
Font Sizes
Preformatted Text
Colorizing Text
Special Characters
Spell Checking
Personal Dictionary
Sizing with CSS
Copy & Paste
Positioning Text
Non Breaking Spaces


Understanding Web Graphics
Inserting Images
Adding Images with Assets Panel
Adding Images to Favorites
Alternative Text Labels (ALT)
Image Properties
Scaling Images
Aligning Images
Horizontal & Vertical Spacing
Low Source Images
Image Rollovers
External Editors


Creating Links
Image Links
Site Map
Topic Paths
More on Anchors
Email Links
Links & CSS
Create a Navigation Bar
Modifying the Navigation Bar
Behaviors & Links
Image Maps
Modifying Image Maps


Creating Lists
List Types
Lists and CSS

HTML Styles

HTML Styles Panel
Formatting Text with CSS
Applying Styles
Adding and Editing Styles
Creating and Clearing Styles
Combining HTML Styles with CSS
Sharing Styles

History Panel

History Panel
Replaying Steps
Recording Commands
Commands List
Preferences and Clearing Steps

Elements of Page Design

Designing with Tables
Creating the Contents Table
Layout View
Cell Widths
Drawing Nested Layouts
Moving and Resizing
Formatting Cells & Tables
Layout Widths
Create an Autostretch Table
Spacer Images
Remove Nesting
Layout View Preferences
Netscape Issues


Inserting Tables
Adding Content
Selecting Elements
Importing Tabular Data
Resizing Table Elements
Adding Color
Background Images
Adding Headings
Adding Rows & Columns
Padding/Spacing & Borders
Merging & Splitting
Copying & Pasting
Formatting Tables
Sorting Tables
Exporting Table Data
Netscape Issues

Flash Objects

What is Flash
Flash Text
Flash Buttons
Insert Flash Movies


Inserting a Form
Tables and Forms
Text Fields
Password Fields
Multi Line Text Fields
Radio Buttons
Popup Menus
File Field
Scrolling Lists
Hidden Fields
Submit /Reset/Button
Graphic Submit Button
Creating a Jump Menu
Advanced Jump Menu Techniques
Forms and Behaviors
Form Validation
Forms and CSS

Site Management

Site Window
Adding Files & Folders
Site Map
Using the Site Map
Viewing a Subset
Renaming Files and Links
Checking Links
Check Links Site Wide
Orphaned Files
Check Browser Compatibility
Moving and Copying
Deleting Files
Download Time and Size
Setting up a Remote Site
Put and Get
Check In & Check Out
Configuring Check In & Check Out
Selecting Newer Files
File Management Options
File View Columns


What are Libraries
Creating Library Items
Renaming & Deleting
Preferences & Highlighting


What are Templates
Creating a Template
Editable Regions
Creating a Page from a Template
Applying a Template to a Page
Editing and Detaching
Templates and Behaviors


What are Frames
Creating Frames
Frames Panel
Saving Frames and Framesets
Frame Properties
Frames and Links
Nested Frames
No Frames Content

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