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Macromedia Dreamweaver 2/3 Tutorial

Macromedia Dreamweaver is a professional HTML editor for the design and management of websites. Mark Fletcher is your guide through Virtual Training Company's tutorial on Dreamweaver 2/3. To get started now, simply click one of the topics below.

Overview for Dreamweaver 2

What is Dreamweaver
DW1.2 and 2.0/Goodies
Color Differences
Getting Help
Size, Time and Tag Selector
Object and Properties
Shortcuts and Palettes
External Image Editors
Integrating HTML Editor
Creating a Local Site


Adding Text
Selecting Text
Font and Size
Aligning Text
Page Titles
Changing Text Color
Background Colors and Images
Line/Paragraph Breaks
Create a New Fontset


Image Formats
Inserting Images
Inserting Images in DW2
Tracing Images
Advanced Tracing Options
Adding Background Image
Alignment Controls
Low Source Images
Vertical/Horizontal Space
Resizing with Refresh


Links with DW1.2
Links using DW2
Changing Links Colors
Creating Anchors
Anchors to a New Page
Link to an email Address
External Links
Script Links
Viewing Site Map
Absolute and Relative Paths


Creating Lists
Spell Checking
More on Spell Check
Setting a Color Scheme
Image Maps


Creating a Table
Inserting Text
Inserting Images
Selecting Table Elements
Resizing Table Elements
Aligning Tables Contents
Colorizing Table Elements
Colorizing Table Borders
Adding a Background
Adding Headings
Adding Rows and Columns
Padding and Spacing
Split and Merging Cells
Nested Tables
Sorting Tables
Table Formats
Copy and Paste Cells
Copy and Paste Text
No Wrap
Convert Tables to Layers
Single Pixel Gif Trick

Layers (All DW 2.0)

Introduction to Layers
Adding Layers
Labelling and Selecting
Adding Content
Moving Layers
Resizing Layers
Bg Color and Image
Stacking Order
Nested Layers
Convert Layers to Tables

Netscape Layers

Intro to Netscape Layers
Stacking Netscape Layers
Inline Layers
HTML Documents in Layers


Starting a Form
Scrolling Text Box
Radio Buttons
Menus and Lists
Submitting a Form
CGI Resources
Dynamic Forms
Differences with 1.2 and 2
Hidden Fields
File and Image Fields


What are Frames
Create Frames
Frame Properties
Frame Borders
Problems with Frames
Targeting Frames
Change Frame Size
No Frames
Embedding Inline Frames

Style Sheets

Introducing CSS
Custom Styles
Applying Styles
External Style Sheets
Using CSS Selectors
Styling the Background
Block Controls
More on Style Sheets
Float and Clear
Understanding Cascading
More Style Sheet Options
CSS Filters (Windows Only)
Advanced CSS Options


Popup Message
Multiple Behaviors
Complex Behaviors
Behaviors with Frames
Customizing Behaviors
Plug-in Detection
Combining Layers
Visibility and Clipping
Third Party Actions


Creating Templates
Editable Regions
Marking Selections
Applying to a Page
Modifying Templates
Hidden Template Tools
Stylesheets and Behaviors

Library and Server Side Include

Library Items
Creating Library Items
Adding to a Page
Updating Library Items
Making Items Editable
More Library Controls
Adding to a Template
Adding Behaviors
What is SSI
Adding SSI
SSI Prefs & Frames


What is XML?
Adding XML
Importing into a Template
Exporting XML

Dynamic HTML

Introducing Dynamic HTML
Timelines Inspector
Simple Animation
Adding Key Frames
Changing Stacking Order
Hiding Layers
Adding Behaviors
Multiple/Record Paths
Animating Images
Complex Animation
Animating Images
Resizing Layers
Behaviors Channel (1)
Behaviors Channel (2)
Copy & e Paths
Working with Timelines

Head Elements

Exploring the HEAD
Adding HEAD Objects
Using Refresh
Working with META

Site Management

Defining a Local Site
Creating Site Maps
Creating/Breaking Links
Modifying Map Layout
Redefine Home Page
Viewing Options
Rename and Delete
Change Links Sitewide
Selecting Newer Files
Moving Folders & Files
Checking Links
Connecting to a Web Server
Put & Get
Check In & Out
Advanced Check Out and In
FTP Logs
Testing Site

Find and Replace

Find and Replace
Find in HTML Source
Advanced Text Search
Searching Using Tags
Using Find and Replace
Advanced Options
Searching Site or Folders


HTML Inspector
Check HTML Source
Alter Appearance of HTML
Insert Comments
External Editor Integration
Editing with HomeSite
Absolute Format Control
Format Preservation
How to Debug HTML Code
Source and 3rd Party Code

Beyond the Basics

Java Overview
Adding Parameters
Creating Objects
Adding Behaviors


Whats New in Dreamweaver 3.0
Updating Dreamweaver 3.0
Preparing a Site
Defining a Local Site
Customizing the Launcher

Objects Palette

Objects Palette & Characters
Insert Tabular Data
Insert Navigation Bar
Modify the Navigation Bar
Insert Email Link
Insert Date
Inserting Form Elements
Insert Jump Menu
Advanced Jump Menu


HTML Source Inspector

Design Notes

Adding to Objects
Adding a New Status

History Palette

Replaying Steps
Recording Commands
Saving/Editing & Deleting
Prefs - Clearing & Menus


Importing Word HTML

HTML Styles

Adding & Editing
Paragraph Styles & Options
Sharing & Global Styles

Netscape Resize Layer Fix

Add Remove Netscape Resize Fix

Image Maps

Inline Image Maps
Modifying & Menus
Adding Behaviors

Flash Movies

URLs in Flash Movies

Frame Sets

Inserting Predefined Frame Sets

HTML Formatting

Rewrite Preferences
Third Party Tags

Dreamweaver Menus

Menus & Shortcuts

Quick Tag Editor

Insert & Wrap Modes
Hints Menu

Fireworks Integration

Library items
Updating HTML
Optimizing Images Command
Editing Images
Creating Photo Album
Extending Dreamweaver & Fireworks


Set Text Behavior

Site Management

Get/Put/Check In & Check Out

Dreamweaver Exchange

Adding Extension with the Extensions Manager


Changing the Default Page
Customizing - Source Formatting
Customizing ETH Dialog Boxes
Customizing ETH File Types
Netscape Plug-ins
External Cascading Style Sheets
CSS Extensions
Accessing a Network Server
Setting File Permissions
Server Side Includes
Linking External Javascript Files
Using SPAN Tag
Call JavaScript Behavior

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