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Macromedia Director MX Tutorial

Macromedia Director MX is the best solution for creating rich content and applications for CD/DVD-ROM, kiosks, corporate Intranets, and the Web. Virtual Training Company author Scott Doucet teaches users the power of this prodigious application. Deliver your content anywhere, both online and offline. Everyone will get a chance to view your masterpiece! Director MX allows users to build exceptionally rich content that delivers integrated interactive audio, video, vectors and bitmaps, text, fonts, and much more. Director MX fully integrates with Macromedia Flash MX, so you can fully realize the potential of both applications by combining them together. With new Lingo control over Flash MX objects, you can streamline your workflow, thus reducing development time. To begin learning, simply click one of the movie topics below!

Director MX Introduction

Director MX Intro
Brief History of Director
Director MX Enhancements
Director MX Integration Features
System Requirements

Director MX Workspace

MX Workspace
MX Docking
Answers Window
Cast Window
Stage Window pt. 1
Stage Window pt. 2
Score Window
Selecting Sprites and Frames in the Score
Markers pt. 1
Markers pt. 2
Navigation pt. 1
Navigation pt. 2
Property Inspector
Tool Palette

Cast Window

Cast Members Intro
Cast Members and the Cast Window
Creating Cast Members pt. 1
Creating Cast Members pt. 2
Creating Cast Members pt. 3
Creating Cast Members pt. 4
Organizing Cast Members

Sprites and Inks

Selecting Sprites
Sprite Overlays
Positing Sprites
Intro to Sprite Inks
Links pt. 1
Links pt. 2

Text and Fields

Intro to Text and Fields
Creating Text and Fields in Director
Importing Text
Embedding Fonts

Digital Video and Audio

Sound Intro
Audio Control
Audio Synchronization
AVI Movies
QuickTime Movies
Digital Video Summary

Paint Window

Intro to Paint Window
Lasso Tool
Marquee Tool
Brush Tool
Airbrush tool
Gradients and Ink Effects
Registration Points
Importing Bitmaps
Transforming Bitmaps

Vector Window

Vector Window Intro
Creating Vector Shapes


Intro to Animation
Step Recording
Real Time Recording
Film Loops

Tempo and Transition Channels

Palette Channel
Temp Channel
Transitions Channel


Intro to Flash
Flash Properties
Flash Behaviors
Importing Flash Sites
Controlling Director in Flash

Library Behaviors

Intro to Library Behaviors
Animation Automatic Behaviors
Animation Interactive Behaviors
Animation Sprite Transitions
Text Behaviors pt. 1
Text Behaviors pt. 2
Control Behaviors pt. 1
Control Behaviors pt. 2
Control Behaviors pt. 3

Creating Behaviors (Behavior Inspector)

Intro to Behavior Inspector
Creating Buttons pt. 1
Creating Buttons pt. 2
Creating Text Buttons pt. 1
Creating Text Buttons pt. 2
Hyperlink Buttons

Accessibility Behaviors

Intro to Accessibility
Text to Speech Behaviors pt. 1
Text to Speech Behaviors pt. 2


Intro to Lingo
Message Window and Lingo pt. 1
Message Window and Lingo pt. 2
Message Window and Lingo pt. 3
Scripts and Lingo
If Then Statements pt. 1
If Then Statements pt. 2
Script Window
Using Director MX Assistance
Memory Inspector

3D Behaviors

Introduction to 3D
3D Behaviors pt. 1
3D Behaviors pt. 2

Projectors/Shockwave Movies/Exporting

Creating Projectors pt. 1
Creating Projectors pt. 2
Publishing Shockwave Movies pt. 1
Publishing Shockwave Movies pt. 2
Exporting to Bitmaps and Digital Movies


Intro to Xtras
Buddy API Xtra pt. 1
Buddy API Xtra pt. 2
Packaging with Xtras


Intro to the Project
Scope and Specfications Document
Creating Comps
Interface Design pt. 1
Interface Design pt. 2
Importing Cast Members pt. 1
Importing Cast Members pt. 2
Importing Cast Members pt. 3
Setting up the Score pt. 1
Setting up the Score pt. 2
Creating Interactivity and Behaviors pt. 1
Creating Interactivity and Behaviors pt. 2
Creating Interactivity and Behaviors pt. 3
Creating Interactivity and Behaviors pt. 4
Creating Interactivity and Behaviors pt. 5
Creating Interactivity and Behaviors pt. 6
Adding Transitions
Creating a PC Projector pt. 1
Creating a PC Projector pt. 2

Creating a Mac Projector and Hybrid CD

Creating a Mac Projector
Creating a Cross Platform (Hybrid) CD

Closing Comments

Developing Kiosk Applications

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