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Macromedia Contribute 2 Tutorial

Macromedia Contribute 2 allows users and groups to update, create, and publish content to any existing website within seconds. All without knowing HTML! At the same time, Contribute 2 offers web professionals the control needed to lock down site design, layout and code. author, John Kuhlman, demonstrates how to customize Contribute 2, create connections, build and edit web content, create links and tables, use templates, and administer a website. New Contribute 2 features such as FlashPaper and PayPal E-Commerce are also discussed. Save time and money by updating website content yourself. This tutorial shows how to put Contribute 2 to work for you! To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Contribute 2 lessons.

What is Contribute 2?

Contribute 2 Overview
New in Contribute 2
System Requirements
Install and Launch Contribute 2
Configuring Contribute for the Course

Contribute Customization

Contribute Extensibility
Sample Page Templates
Welcome Screen
Keyboard Shortcuts


Connection Overview
Connection Wizard/Assistant
Shared Site Connections
Imported Site Connection Keys
Edit Site Connections
Offline Work

Build Web Pages

Browse Sites
Create a New Page
Build a New Page from Samples
Build a New Page from Dreamweaver
Copy Existing Pages
Edit Existing Pages
Page Properties
Page Keywords and Descriptions
Framed Pages
Save Page Drafts
Group Review
Publish Pages
Page Versions
Print Pages

Edit Page Content

Text Editing
HTML Styles
CSS Styles
Horizontal Rules
Special Characters
Finding and Replacing Text
Add PayPal Buttons


Links Overview
Link to Draft Pages
Create a New Page from a Link
Link to Local Files
Link to Web Addresses
Create an E-mail Link
Add Anchors
Edit Links
Remove Links
Test Links

Web Graphics

Web Graphics Overview
Add Images
Image Properties
Edit Images
Image Maps


Table Basics
Create a New Table
Resizing Tables
Format Tables
Table Properties
Insert Rows and Columns
Delete Table Elements
Merge and Split Cells
Cell Properties
Sort Table Contents
Nested Tables


Frames Basics
Edit a Frame Page
Frame Links

Dreamweaver Templates

Template Basics
New Pages from Dreamweaver Templates
Editable Areas
Repeating Regions

External Documents

External Documents Overview
Import Word or Excel Documents
Edit External Documents

Site Administration

Administrator Basics
Create a Site Administrator
Assign Sitewide Settings
Enable Rollbacks
Remove a Site Administrator

Sitewide Settings

Assign Permissions
Permission Groups
Modify Permission Groups
Duplicate a Permission Group


Locking and Unlocking Files
Forgotten Password
Macromedia Support


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