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Macromedia ColdFusion MX Tutorial

Macromedia ColdFusion MX brings increased power and flexibility to web development. With ColdFusion Components, web developers can create modular, reusable code objects, and call them internally, or through web services. This training takes you step-by-step through ColdFusion components: planning, design patterns, method structure, and much more. Instructor Darcey Spears covers object-oriented language concepts like inheritance and packaging with components, and shows you how to publish and consume your components as web services. If you want to stay current as a ColdFusion developer, you need this training! To begin learning today, simply click one of the topics below.


Welcome and Overview
The Sample Application: "Where's Tom?"
System Requirements: Local or Remote

Installation and Setup

Installing ColdFusion MX 6.1
ColdFusion Administrator and IIS Settings
Development Environments
Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Design
Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Development

Planning the Application

Application Architecture Considerations
Requirements for "Where's Tom?"
Site Map and Application Flowchart
Planning for Components

Setting Up "Where's Tom?" for Development

ColdFusion Development Methodologies
Directory and File Structure
Create a Site in Dreamweaver
Basic Site Files
The Stylesheet for "Where's Tom?"

Database Structure

Overview of Database Structure
Users Table
Activities Table
User_Activities and Locations Tables
Activity_Supplies Table
Table Relationships
Creating a ColdFusion Datasource

Components and Conceptually

Definition of a Component
Example of a Component
Why Use Components?
Other Code Re-Use Choices
Organizing "Where's Tom?" in Components

Building Your First CFC: User

Create the User Component
Method: insertUser pt. 1
Method: insertUser pt. 2
Method: updateUser
Method: searchUser
Method: getUserDetail
Method: validateUser

Create a Protected Area

Index Page
Log-in Form pt. 1
Log-in Form pt. 2
Form Validation and User Validation
Including the User Check

Component and Method Details

Pseudo-Constructor Code
Properties pt. 1
Properties pt. 2
Method Access: Package
Method Access: Private
Method Access: Public and Remote
Forcing a Web Service Method Refresh
Method Displayname/Hint/Name/Output/Roles
Method Returntype
Method Returntype as Component Name
Method Arguments
Method Code: Better User Design

Using Components in CFML

Transient vs. Persistent References
Component Location
Object/Webservice Location
Available Methods
Web Services Attributes
in : changeAim
in : photo_op.cfm
Invoking With Form Submission pt. 1
Invoking With Form Submission pt. 2
Form and Confirmation
Invoking With URL Request

More Component Functionality

Design Pattern: Composite Example
Composite Example: Activity/User/Location
Inheritence: Children of Activity.cfc
Inheritence: mealActivity
Inheritence: computerActivity
Inheritence: Display in Inherited.cfm
Polymorphism and Overriding: Meals
Polymorphism and Overriding: Breakfast
Polymorphism and Overriding: Lunch
Packaging and CF Mapping

CFCs and Variables Scope

Local "Variables" Scope
Local "Variables" Inherited
This Scope
Function Local ("var") and Arguments

Basic XML

Introducing Extensible Markup Language
XML Well-Formed Documents
Create an XML Document pt. 1
Create an XML Document pt. 2
Create the Menu: _main_build_menu.cfm
Finish and Display the Menu

ColdFusion and Web Services

Web Service Overview
ColdFusion and WSDL Files
ColdFusion and SOAP with Apache Axis
Choosing a Service to Consume: UDDI Registries
Amazon.com API and Developer's Kit
Add Search to "Where's Tom?" - This is Now
Invoking the Amazon.com Web Service
Amazon Search Parameters
Displaying the Search Results

Publishing a Web Service

Deciding What "Where's Tom?" Will Offer
Changing the Activity Component
Publishing the Specifications
Consuming "Where's Tom?" With Plain Text
Consuming "Where's Tom?" With Style


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