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Mac OS X Panther Tutorial

Virtual Training Company author Jesse Feiler guides users through Mac OS X Panther, the fourth major release from Mac in three years. Designed with creative professionals, network administrators, and developers in mind, OS X Panther offers major breakthroughs in innovation, functionality, reliability and ease of use. The new feature, Exposé, allows users to gain access and neatly arrange open windows with a single keystroke. A new Finder makes organizing and navigating through files and folders easier than ever. A full suite of Internet software increases communication opportunities, while a host of built-in tools allows users to control and customize their Mac. Additional network services allow users to easily connect a computer to any wired, or wireless, Mac, Unix, or Windows based network. To start learning now, simply click on a movie link below.

Introducing Mac OS X and Panther

Overview of the Course
Looking at Mac OS X: Aqua
Mac OS X Under the Hood
Terminal and the Command Line

Using Aqua Controls

Using Buttons
Using Sliders and Progress Monitors
Working with Text
Using Other Controls

Using Windows

Using Basic Windows
Using Multipane Windows
Working with Drawers and Window Toolbars
Using Sheets

Working with Menus

Using Menus
Apple Menu
Application Menu pt. 1
Application Menu pt. 2
File Menu
Edit Menu
Window Menu
Getting Assistance pt. 1
Getting Assistance pt. 2
Contextual Menus

Working with Files

Working with Files and Finder Basics
Using Aliases
Using Archives
Working with Disk Utility pt. 1
Working with Disk Utility pt. 2
Using File Vault
Burning a CD

Using the Finder

Finder Views
Finder Toolbars
Finder Menus
Using the Dock
Using Expose
Status in the Menu Bar
Simple Finder


Printing Documents
Using Print Utility
Using Preview
Sharing a Printer
Print & Fax Preferences

System Preferences

Using System Preferences pt. 1
Using System Preferences pt. 2
CDs & DVDs Preferences
Desktop & Screensaver Preferences
Displays Preferences
Appearance Preferences
Ink Preferences
Keyboard & Mouse Preferences
Sound Preferences
Speech Preferences
Universal Access Preferences

Other Preferences

Classic Preferences
International Preferences
QuickTime Preferences

Securing Your Computer

Multiple Users on Mac OS X
Setting Account Preferences
File Access Permissions
Enabling Root Access

Managing Your Computer Environment

Using Utilities
Installing Software pt. 1
Installing Software pt. 2
Using Software Update
Managing Date & Time
Conserving Energy

Communicating Over a Local Area Network

Basic Networking
Using Locations
Using Airport pt. 1
Using Airport pt. 2
Using Built-In (Wired) Ethernet
Connecting to a Local Server

Communicating Over the Internet

What You Need to Get Connected
Using a Modem pt. 1
Using a Modem pt. 2
Using a Bluetooth Modem
Setting Up an AirPort Base Station
Setting Up a Router
Using Internet Connect pt. 1
Using Internet Connect pt. 2
Connecting to a Remote Server

Setting Up a Local Area Network Server

Setting Up Your Computer for Others to Use
Sharing Your Internet Connection

Setting Up an Internet Server

Creating a Web Server with Apache

Using Applications on Mac OS X

Understanding Dialogs
Understanding Alerts
Working with Files--Opening Files
Working with Files--Saving Files
Working with Text -- Using Styles
Working with Text--Using Rulers and Tabs
Using the Color Picker pt. 1
Using the Color Picker pt. 2
Using Fonts

Using the Mac OS X Applications

About the Applications
Stuffit Expander
Introducing iCal
Adding Information to Appointments
Using To Dos in iCal
Searching in iCal
Sharing Calendars
Using Third-Party Channels
Using iSync with .Mac pt. 1
Using iSync with .Mac pt. 2
Using iSync with an iPod
Image Capture pt. 1
Image Capture pt. 2
Image Capture pt. 3
Image Capture pt. 4
QuickTime Player
DVD Player
Introducing iChat
iChat and Rendezvous
Video Conferencing with iChat
iChat Buddies and Other Settings

.Mac: Apple's Tools on the Internet

Looking at .Mac
Using iDisk
Setting iDisk Preferences
Using iDisk Utility and Public iDisks
Using iCards
Using HomePage
Using Backup pt. 1
Using Backup pt. 2
Using Virex pt. 1
Using Virex pt. 2

Using Mail/Webmail/Address Book

Getting Started with E-mail
Reading Mail
Replying to Mail
Sending Mail pt. 1
Sending Mail pt. 2
Using Signatures
Searching Mail
Using Mailboxes and Sorting Mail
Using Webmail
Using Address Book
Other Mail Preferences
Setting Up Accounts pt. 1
Setting Up Accounts pt. 2

Using the iLife Applications

iLife Overview
Using iPhoto pt. 1
Using iPhoto pt. 2
Using iMovie
Using iDVD pt. 1
Using iDVD pt. 2
Using iTunes


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