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Mac OS X Leopard Tutorial

Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” is the latest update to the Unix-based operating system for Macintosh. It builds on previous versions of Mac OS X to provide an even more powerful and easy-to-use experience. author Jesse Feiler guides you through Leopards new technologies such as Time Machine, Cover Flow, Quick Look, and Spaces help you organize your information and find what you want quickly. As well as major advances in printing, accounts and file permissions, Mail, Automator, and Safari. Jesse will cover the basics of using Mac OS X and your Macintosh computer as well as advanced features such as Back to My Mac, new parental controls, Spotlight, and simplified sharing of disks and computers. To begin learning simply click the links.

Introducing Mac OS X & Leopard

Welcome to Leopard
Use Two Computers in One
Mac OS X Power & Integration

Using Leopard Controls

Introducing the Leopard Interface
Using Buttons
Working with Text
Display Data

Using Windows

Using Windows - The Basics
Window Drawers/Toolbar & Sidebars
Working with Window & View Menus

Working with Menus

Using Menus
Apple Menu
Application Menu
Apple Menu - Using the Services Submenu
File Menu
Edit Menu
Getting He|p

Working with Files

Working with Files & the Finder Basics
Opening a Package
Using Aliases
Using Info & Inspector Pt.1
Using Info & Inspector Pt.2
Using Info & Inspector Pt.3
Exploring the Default Folder Layout Pt.1
Exploring the Default Folder Layout Pt.2
Burning a CD or DVD

Using the Finder

Finder Views
Finder New Commands Pt.1
Finder New Commands Pt.2
Other Finder File Commands
Other Finder Commands
Finder Preferences

Printing & Faxing from Leopard

Printing Documents
Using the Full Print Dialog
Using Print Options
Adding a Printer
Setting Print Preferences

System Preferences

Using System Preferences
Appearance Preferences
Desktop & Screen Saver
Energy Saver
Keyboard & Mouse
CDs & DVDs/Sound/QuickTime
Date/Time/Time Machine/Software Update
Startup Disk
Speech & Universal Access

Time Machine, Disks & Files

Using Time Machine
Using Archives
Using Disk Utility Pt.1
Using Disk Utility Pt.2
Working with Disk Images

Securing Your Computer

Security Preferences
Using File Vault
Using the Firewall
Accounts Pt.1
Accounts Pt.2
Setting File Permissions
Keychain Access


Working with Services
Using TCP/IP
Assistant & Locations
Sharing Files & Screens
Back to My Mac
Setting Up Airport Base Station
Manual Configuration
Airport Internet Connections
Advanced Airport Settings

Using Mail

Getting Started with Mail
Setting Up a POP Account Pt.1
Setting Up a POP Account Pt.2
Managing a POP Account
Setting Up an IMAP Account
Mail Review
Using Mailboxes
Handling Junk Mail
Using Smart Mailboxes
Sending Mail
Archiving & Restoring Mailboxes

Using iCal

Introducing iCal
iCal Calendars & Mail
Creating Events & Invitations

Using Address Book

Address Book Basics
Advanced Address Book Features

Working with Text & Text Edit

Introducing Text Edit
Text Edit Preferences
Working with Text-Using Rulers & Tabs
Working with Text-Using Styles
Using Fonts & the Color Picker

Using the Web

Setting Up a Web Server
More on Creating a Web Server
Using Safari


Introducing Dashboard & Widgets
Controlling Dashboard


Searching with Spotlight
Spotlight Preferences

Parental Controls

Finder/Applications & Content
Time Limits & Logs


Activity Monitor & Console
Terminal & the Command Line


Introducing Automator
AppleScript: Recording & Dictionaries




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