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Mac OS 8.1 Tutorial

Mac OS 8.1 is an Operating System for Macintosh computers. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, Diane Presler begins by covering features new to OS 8.1. She then gets into the basics of the operating system and its features, including the help menu, the Apple menu, and how to find documents. She will also teach you all of the control panel features, how to manage memory, the QuickTime interface, and much more. Learn this Mac operating system inside and out in no time at all. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.

New Mac OS8 Features

New 3-D Interface
Help and label Menus
Sticky Menus
Desktop Pictures
Appearance Settings
Contextual Menus
Move to Trash
Drag-and-Drop Aliasing
Spring-loaded Folders
New Color Pickers
Mac OS Setup Assistant
Simple Finder
Live Scrolling
View Controls & View Lists
Button View
Tabbed Windows
Internet Set-up Assistant
Mail and Browse Icons
Internet Software
Connect To
Improvements Underneath
MacOS Info Center

Basic System Features

The Operating System
Basic Mac Operations
Color on the Desktop
Help Menu
Find File
Using the Apple Menu
Application Menu Icon
Item Labels
PC Exchange
Easy Open

Windows, Icons, and Menus

Keyboard & Mouse Sensitivity
Selecting Icons
Custom Icons
Creating Aliases
Special Uses for Aliases

Opening & Saving Documents

Open with the Apple Menu
Opening Multiple Programs
Directory Dialog Boxes
Drag-and-Drop Opening
Stationery Pads
Macintosh Easy Open
Launcher Control Panel

Organizing Files, Folder & Disks

Viewing Folder Contents
Copying Items
Trash Can Features

System Folder

Intro to the System Folder
System File
Fonts Folder
Apple Menu Items Folder
Startup Items Folder
Control Panels Folder
Extensions Folder
Preferences Folde
Add to the System Folder
Delete from the System Folder
System Folder Locking

Control Panel Features

Apple Menu options
Auto Power On/Off
ColorSync system Profile
Time and Date
Extensions Manager
General Controls
Monitors and Sounds
PC Exchange
Pointer Mode
Startup Disk

Accessory Programs

CD Audio Player
Jigsaw Puzzle
Graphing Calculator
Apple System Profile
Key Caps

Sharing Files

Connecting Your Network
Turning AppleTalk O& Off
Identifying Your Macintosh
Starting & Stopping File Sharing
Sharing Your Folders & Disks
Identifying Users, Owner, & Guests
Controlling Access
Connect to File

Fonts & Typography

Screen & Printer Fonts
Seeing Font Samples
Add & Remove Fonts
Font Suitcases


Printer Drivers
Page Set-Up
Print Command
Print Windows
Background Printing
Print Spooler

Managing Memory

System Memory
Program Memory
Memory Fragmentation
Disk Cache
Virtual Memory

Publish & Subscribe to Editions

Intro to Publish & Subscribe
Create a Publisher
Subscribe to an Edition
Setting Options
Updating Editions

QuickTime Multimedia

QuickTime Technology
Cut & Paste QuickTime
QuickTime Interface
Secret Key Commands
QuickTime VR

Speech & Languages

Speech Recognition
Language Script Systems
Keyboard Menus
Registering Languages

Tips & Secrets

Checking Time Zones
Find File Options
Easter Egg
Screen Capture
Trash Secrets
Apple Menu Organization
Graphing Calculator
Option Key Tricks
Automated Tasks


Extensions Manager
Start-Up Key Commands
StartUp Disk
Known Conflicts
Retrieve From Trash
Resuming after Crashing

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