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MYOB Accounting Plus 18 Tutorial

MYOB Accounting has been one of the most popular business accounting packages in Australia and New Zealand for years. It combines inventory and contact management, invoicing, account control, and tax reporting. The Plus version of the software adds payroll, time billing, and more. author, Rick Martin, provides an in-depth look at the software, covering both the Plus and regular versions of MYOB Accounting 18. You will learn how to set up, customise, and maintain company files; effectively manage sales, purchases, banking, payroll, inventory, time billing, and financial planning; and tailor your correspondence paperwork to suit your business image. Finally, Rick will demonstrate end-of-period procedures to keep your business up-to-date and compliant with tax and business laws. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the movie links below.

Course Overview

About this Course
Licensing & Company File Activation
MYOB M-Powered Services
Work Files

MYOB Basics

Custom Lists / Fields & Identifiers
Zoom Arrows
Cards pt. 1
Cards pt. 2
Command Centres pt. 1
Command Centres pt. 2
Finding Transactions

Creating Your Company File

Before You Start
Creating the File
Activation & Verification / Backup
Easy Setup Assistant
Accounts Overview pt. 1
Accounts Overview pt. 2
Linked Accounts
Adding Accounts
Importing & Exporting Accounts
Deleting Accounts

Setting Preferences

Reports & Forms
Inventory & Security

Setting Up Your Company File

The Accounting Equation
Account Opening Balances
Historical Sales & Purchases
Initial Bank Accounts Reconciliation
Sales pt. 1
Sales pt. 2
Item Records
Inventory Opening Balances
Setting Up Electronic Payments
Set Up Activity Statement


Sales Window pt. 1
Sales Window pt. 2
Sales Window pt. 3
Sales Window pt. 4
Insufficient Items on Hand
Converting Quotes & Orders
Receiving Payments
Customer Credits pt. 1
Customer Credits pt. 2
Customer Credits pt. 3
Deleting Sales & Payments
Bad Debts


Types of Purchases
Purchases Window pt. 1
Purchases Window pt. 2
Converting Non-Item Quotes & Orders
Converting Item Quotes & Orders
Receiving Items Without a Bill
Paying Bills
Supplier Debits pt. 1
Supplier Debits pt. 2


Spend Money
Receive Money
The Bank Register Window
Transferring Between Accounts
Bank Deposits
Making Electronic Payments
Petty Cash
Importing Bank Statements pt. 1
Importing Bank Statements pt. 2
Reconciling Bank Accounts
Contra Payments pt. 1
Contra Payments pt. 2

Payroll Setup

Initial Payroll Setup pt. 1
Initial Payroll Setup pt. 2
Payroll Categories pt. 1
Payroll Categories pt. 2
Wages Information Window
Superannuation Information Window
Remaining Information Windows
Employee Payroll Information pt. 1
Employee Payroll Information pt. 2
Employee Payroll Information pt. 3

Payroll Processing

Pay Period & Timesheets
Select & Edit Pays pt. 1
Select & Edit Pays pt. 2
Process Payments
Pay Slips
Payroll Liabilities


Inventory Adjustments
Building Items
Auto-building Items
Setting Item Prices

Billing for Time

Creating Activities
Setting Billing Rates
Activity Slips
Time Billing Invoices


Creating Jobs
Reimbursable Expenses & Invoicing


Printing & Sending Forms
Customising Forms pt. 1
Customising Forms pt. 2
Customising Forms pt. 3

Maintaining Company Files

Backing Up
Purging & Optimising

Planning & Analysing

Analysis pt. 1
Analysis pt. 2

End-of-Period Procedures

Payroll Tax
Activity Statement pt. 1
Activity Statement pt. 2
End-of-year Adjustments
Starting a New Financial Year
Starting a New Payroll Year pt. 1
Starting a New Payroll Year pt. 2
Starting a New Payroll Year pt. 3

Conclusion & Credits

Wrap Up
About the Author

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