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MYOB 10.5 Tutorial

For over 10 years, MYOB Accounting has been setting the standard by which all accounting software is judged. Conceived solely for GUI systems such as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, MYOB takes full advantage of today's computing systems to quickly and smoothly help you Mind Your Own Business. Follow author Karen Dews through this Virtual Training Company as she guides you in setting up a new data file, card file, and inventory. She also teach you how to create purchase orders and invoices, handle the checkbook, set up payroll, run reports, and how to handle the end of the fiscal year. Start getting your business in order now by clicking one of the tutorial topics below.

Getting Started

Starting MYOB

MYOB Overview

The MYOB Screen
Working with the Command Centre
Making Inquiries
Running Reports
Exiting and Backing Up Your Data

Using the Help

The Different Forms of Help

Setting Up a New Company Data File

New Data File Assistant
MYOB Preferences
Modifying Accounts
Opening Balances
Setting up Sales
Setting up Purchases
Tax Codes
Chart of Accounts

The Card File

Vendors and Customer Details

Inventory Setup

Entering Inventory Items
Counting Stock and Adjusting Inventory


Creating a Purchase Order
Printing Purchase Orders
Making a Vendor Payment


Creating an Invoice
Different Invoice Types
Printing Invoices
Customizing the Invoice
Reprint an Invoice
Cash Sales
Finding an Invoice
Returned Goods and Credit Notes
Inventory Status and Backorders


Applying Customer Payments
Invoice Statements


Writing Cheques
Direct Debits and Recurring Cheques
Print Cheques
Depositing into the Cheque Account
More Cheques
Electronic Payments
Reconciling the Cheque Account
More Transactions (vendors and customer payments)


Running a Report
Printing a Report
Profit / Loss Report
Balance Sheet Report
Exporting Report Data to Excel
GST Reports
Business Activity Statement


Setting up Employees
Payroll Run
Payroll Advice Slips
Payroll Summary
Printing Group Certificates
Starting a New Payroll Year

End of Year Procedures

Inventory Stocktakes
General Journal Adjustments
Start a New Financial Year
Writing off a Bad Debt
Inactive Status

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