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MCDST Certification Tutorial

The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) certification will get you started in your IT career by ensuring you have the skills to successfully troubleshoot desktop environments running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. VTC Certified author Bill Ferguson gives a thorough and comprehensive guide to MCDST that will help you pass the test and start or advance your IT career. To begin learning today, simply click on the links.

Introduction & Overview

Overview Pt.1
Overview Pt.2

The Windows Operating System

Common Features & Differences Pt.1
Common Features & Differences Pt.2
Workgroup vs. Active Directory
Troubleshooting Tools in OS
Troubleshooting On Boot
Troubleshooting in Safe Mode (msinfo32)
Troubleshooting in Safe Mode (msconfig)
Remote Desktop Connection
Remote Assistance
Assistance & Support Center
Internet Tools

Installing A Windows OS

Hardware Requirements
Hard Disk Preparation
Creating a Windows 98 startup disk
Starting a Windows 98 startup disk
Fdisk with Windows 98 startup disk
Formatting Windows 98 startup disk
Installing the Windows XP OS Pt.1
Installing the Windows XP OS Pt.2
Installing the Windows XP OS Pt.3
Installing the Windows XP OS Pt.4
Logging On to the New XP Computer
Unattended Installations
Setup Manager Pt.1
Setup Manager Pt.2
Answer Files & UDFs
Troubleshooting Installations
Boot.ini file & Advanced Startup
Repairing an Installation
Automated System Recovery Tool
Transferring Files & Settings

Desktop Management

User Logon
User Accounts in Control Panel
Local Users & Groups Tool
User Configuration Pt.1
User Configuration Pt.2
User Profile Management
Multilingual Configuration
Security & Local Policy Settings
Resulting Set of Policy
System Resources
System Performance Tools
System Maintenance Tools

File & Folder Access

Overview Managing Files & Folders
NTFS File Permissions
NTFS Folder Permissions
Simple vs. Classic File Sharing
Effective Permissions
File Compression & Encryption
Mapping Network Drives
Shadow Copies
Offline Files & Folders

Hardware Issues

Overview of Managing Drivers
Drivers & Driver Updates
Driver Signing & Rollback
Storage Devices
The Disk Management Tool Pt.1
The Disk Management Tool Pt.2
Types of Display Devices & Settings
Types of I/O Devices
Hardware Profiles Pt.1
Hardware Profiles Pt.2
Advanced Configuration Power Interface


Printers Overview - Printing Terminlogy
Installing a Local Printer
Installing a Network Printer
Troubleshooting Printers & Print Jobs
Printer Pooling vs. Printer Priorities
Auditing Printers

Network Connectivity

The OSI Model
IP Addressing
Name Resolution
Troubleshooting Tools
Remote Connection Issues

Troubleshooting Applications

Troubleshooting Tools
Configuring a PIF
Identifying WIN 16 Applications
Troubleshooting WIN32
Application Compatibility
Troubleshooting Security Issues

Internet Explorer Configuration

IE Overview
IE General Tab
IE Security Tab
IE Privacy Tab
IE Content Tab
IE Connections Tab
IE Programs Tab
IE Advanced Tab

Outlook Express

Outlook Express E-mail
Outlook Express Data
Outlook Express Newsgroups

Microsoft Office

Office Installation
Supporting Office Pt.1
Supporting Office Pt.2
Security & Recoverablility
Office Language Features

Microsoft Outlook

Creating Profiles & Accounts
Managing Data
Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook

Tips On Taking the Test

Tips for taking the tests


Author Movie

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