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Linux Security Tutorial

The Linux Operating System has proven time and time that it reigns supreme in configurability and security. Being well versed in Linux Security can make the difference between a highly available web server and a compromised warez distribution point. Understanding Linux Security can make or break your ability to survive in the world of ever-changing Computer Security. authors Brad Causey and Bobby Rogers work together to present Linux Security so you can carry the knowledge back and use it in a practical manner. To begin learning simply click the links.

Introduction & Course Outline


Introduction To Linux Security

A Bit About Linux Pt.1
A Bit About Linux Pt.2
Current Security Problems
Requirements of a Secure OS
Security: Windows vs Linux
Overview of Linux Security Features

Secure Linux Installation

Selecting the Right Distribution
Defining Partitions for Security
Installing Software & Services
Installing Secure File Systems
Installation Security Configurations
Post Install Actions
Secure Installation Demonstration Pt.1
Secure Installation Demonstration Pt.2
Secure Installation Demonstration Pt.3

Securing The Linux Boot Process

Securing LILO
Securing GRUB
Runlevel Security & initab
Partition Mounting & fstab

Security With Users & Groups

Users & Groups
Passwords Pt.1
Passwords Pt.2
Use of Privileged Accounts
Securing User Shells & Profiles

File System Permissions

Types of Files
Permission Structure
Special Permission Bits
Managing Permissions

Data Encryption

Introduction to Encryption
Using GNU GPG Pt.1
Using GNU GPG Pt.2
Using SSH
Hashing Utilities
Using PKI Certificates in Linux

Hardening Linux

System Hardening Overview
Bastille Pt.1
Bastille Pt.2
Securing X-Windows
Securing Linux Daemons
Security Patches
Security Benchmarks

Linux Firewalls

Introduction to Firewalls
IP Tables Pt.1
IP Tables Pt.2
IP Tables Demonstration Pt.1
IP Tables Demonstration Pt.2
Dedicated Linux Firewalls

Linux Security Mechanisms

TCP Wrappers
inetd & xinetd
Unsecure Linux Utilities

Secure Networking

Securing FTP & HTTP Servers

Detecting & Stopping Linux Attacks

System Auditing
System Logging
File Integrity with Tripwire
Intrusion Detection with Snort

Linux Security Tools

Vulnerability Assessment with Nessus Pt.1
Vulnerability Assessment with Nessus Pt.2
Traffic Security with Ethereal
Web Proxying with Squid

Best Linux Security Practices

User Security
Password Security
Securing the Root Account
File System Security
System Security
Auditing Pt.1
Auditing Pt.2
Network Security

About The Authors

About the Authors

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