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Linux Professional Institute: Level 1 Tutorial

Understanding the Linux operating system is absolutely essential to any IT professional who wishes to add breadth to their resume. Linux has placed itself, strategically, all around us, and understanding the basic and inner workings of it can prove extremely valuable. authors Brad Causey and Bobby Rogers will take you though the basics of Linux with the LPI 101 course, explaining each piece step-by-step. To begin learning, simply click on the links.

Course Overview

Course Overview

Introduction to Linux

Introduction to Linux
Linux Features
Open Source & the GNU License
The Linux Kernel
Linux Distributions

Planning a Linux Installation

Pre-Installation Planning
Hardware Recommendations
Partitioning Requirements
Dual Booting With Windows

Linux Installation

Installation Modes
Initial Installation & Hardware Setup
Boot Manager & Package Selection
Lab - Install RedHat Pt.1
Lab - Install RedHat Pt.2
Lab - Install RedHat Pt.3

The Linux Boot Process

Boot Loaders
The FSTAB File
User Login Profiles
Troubleshooting the Boot Process

Linux Commands

Command Structure & Syntax
Assistance & MAN Pages
Directory Navigation Commands

File Management

File Naming Convention
File Types
Basic File Management
Hard & Symbolic Links
Searching for FIles

Text Processing

Viewing Text Files
Process Text Streams
Searching Text Files

Basic Text Editing with vi

Basic Editing
Inserting & Editing Text
Searching in vi
Setting Options

Configuring Hardware

BIOS Settings
Gathering Hardware Information
Configuring Peripherals
Configuring Communication Devices
Configuring Storage Devices
Configuring Plug & Play Devices

Software & Package Management

Installing Software From Source Code
Red Hat Package Management
Debian Package Management

The X Window System

Install & Configure XFree86
Window Manager Environment

General Administration

Managing Processes
Modifying Process Execution Priorities
Managing Disk Quotas

File Ownership & Permissions

Managing File Ownership
File permissions
Setting Permissions with chmod

The LPI Exam

Exam Objectives


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