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Keynote Tutorial

Apple Keynote provides a simple set of tools for creating powerful slide show presentations. Organize and format your slides easily and effectively. Illustrate your information with your own images, or those created with Photoshop Elements. Even broadcast your presentations via QuickTime, or with a PDF file for the Internet. Virtual Training Company author Mario Leone shows you how to utilize this application. In this six hour tutorial he explains the basics of Keynote and other software applications like Flash MX to encorporate multimedia into your presentation. You can now have that one-two punch for your business presentation. Click on a topic below to start learning today!

Getting Started

What is Keynote?
Files to Import
Interface Basics
Slide Canvas
Customize Tool Bar

Keynote Basics

Build a Keynote Presentation
Master Slides
Changing Text Color
Using Text
Importing Graphics
Rulers and Guides
Library and Samples
Navigator View
Outline View
Notes Field
Saving Your Project & Exporting

Working with Media

Importing Graphics
Working with Images
Drawing an Object
Import from iPhoto
Other Graphics
Working with Colors
Layering Graphic Objects
Drop Shadow
Voice Over
iTunes Importing
QuickTime Movie

Object Properties

Colors & Fills
Creating and Filling
Alpha Channels
Styles of Lines
Opacity (Transparency)
Direction of Graphics (Placement)
Size and Position (Scaling) and Guides

Working with Tables

Placing a Table
Cell Content
Table Selecting
Row and Column Formatting


Example Charts
Working with Chart Data
Data Sets and Data Series
Chart Formatting

Builds and Transitions

Build in and Buildout Styles pt. 1
Build in and Buildout Styles pt. 2
Builds with Charts
Print Slides

Master Slides and Themes

Master Slides and Layouts
Theme Saving
Creating your Own Theme

Using Photoshop Elements To Create Graphics

The Basics
The Tools
Understanding Transparency
Creating Backgrounds for a Slide Show
Creating Text Graphics for Keynote
Styles for Text and Background
Aligning Text
Selecting Objects with the Tools
Photo Correction
Quick Fix
Stacking Order

Using iPhoto to Work with Photos

Controlling the Brightness
Export for Webpage

Using Flash MX with Keynote

The Interface & What is a Vector Graphic
Docking Panels and Basics
Grouping and Filling
Stacking Order and More
Working with Gradients and Canvas
Working with the Drawing Tools
Boat 2
Boat 3
Understanding Time
Types of Frames, Keyframes, etc.
Working with Keyframes
Motion Tween
Shape Tween
Motion Path
Photos and Flash
Exporting as Flash for Keynote
Fade Animations
Text Animations and Stop Actions


Working with the Interface
Importing DV
Splitting Clips and Importing PSDs
Importing Audio and Resizing
Titles and Splitscreen
Effects and Movie Maestro
Exporting for Keynote CD Style

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