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JavaScript Libraries Tutorial

This VTC course will provide an overview of one of the cornerstone technologies involved in many web 2.0 applications - JavaScript Libraries. This course gives a basic foundation on how to utilize many commonly used elements. The overview is facilitated by providing information on Prototype Javascript Framework and Scriptaculous, the Dojo Toolkit, Yahoo User Interface Library, and the jQuery Javascript Library, providing experience using those libraries by creating projects that leverage aspects of those individual libraries. James Street shows just how easy it is to get started using Ajax, animation, and more! To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Overview of the Course
System Setup
Overview of the Projects

Define JavaScript Libraries

Basic Definition
Advantages & Disadvantages

Brief Review

Good Practices
Library Foundations
JavaScript Library Common Elements

Overview of the Frameworks


Second Look: Prototype & Scriptaculous

Prototype Basics pt. 1
Prototype Basics pt. 2
Prototype Basics pt. 3
Scriptaculous Effects
Scriptaculous Behaviors & Controls
Resources & Tools

Project: Prototype & Scriptaculous

Site Layout
Adding Scripts & CSS
Page Initialization
DOM Selection & Event Binding
Preventing Default Behaviors
Overview of AJAX & JSON
AJAX pt. 1 Parameters
AJAX pt. 2 Ajax.Request
Evaluting transport.responseText
Requesting Gallery Contents
Populating the Gallery
Event Handling for Thumbnails
Loading Other Data into Page
CSS Manipulation pt. 1
CSS Manipulation pt. 2
Animation pt. 1
Animation pt. 2
Animation pt. 3
Animation pt. 4
Animation pt. 5
Animation pt. 6
Dynamic Image Sizing
Setting Up for Slider pt. 1
Setting Up for Slider pt. 2
Slider pt. 1
Slider pt. 2
Zooming Through Scaling pt. 1
Zooming Through Scaling pt. 2
Prototype & Scriptaculous Review

Second Look: Dojo

Dojo Basics
Dojo & DojoX Effects
Dijit Controls
Resources & Tools

Project: Dojo

Introduction & Getting Dojo
Site Setup
Adding Dojo Script
Setting up CSS & addOnLoad
Using dojo.xhrGet & dojo.byId
CSS for Returned Data
Using dojo.query & dojo.connect
More dojo.xhrGet
FisheyeLite pt. 1
FisheyeLite pt. 2
FisheyeLite pt. 3
FisheyeLite pt. 4
Animation pt. 1
Animation pt. 2
Animation pt. 3
Animation pt. 4
Slideshow pt. 1
Slideshow pt. 2
Slideshow pt. 3
Lightbox pt. 1
Lightbox pt. 2
Customized Slideshow Events pt. 1
Customized Slideshow Events pt. 2
Survey as an HTML Form pt. 1
Survey as an HTML Form pt. 2
Requiring Dijit
Enhancing HTML Form with Dijits pt. 1
Enhancing HTML Form with Dijits pt. 2
Controlling Display of Dialog pt. 1
Controlling Display of Dialog pt. 2
xhrPost & Dialog Arguments pt. 1
xhrPost & Dialog Arguments pt. 2
Dojo Review

Second Look: YUI

YUI Basics
YUI Utilities
YUI Controls
Resources & Tools

Project: YUI

Setting Up & Acquiring YUI
Adding a Calendar Selector
Adding a Rich Text Editor pt. 1
Adding a Rich Text Editor pt. 2
Adding a Panel pt. 1
Adding a Panel pt. 2
YUI Buttons pt. 1
YUI Buttons pt. 2
YUI Event Handling pt. 1
YUI Event Handling pt. 2
YUI Event Handling pt. 3
Simple Animation pt. 1
Simple Animation pt. 2
Simple Animation pt. 3
Overview of AutoComplete AJAX
AutoComplete Widget
Finishing AutoComplete
YUI Review

Second Look: jQuery

jQuery Basics pt. 1
jQuery Basics pt. 2
jQuery Basics pt. 3
jQuery Effects
jQuery Controls
Resources & Tools

Project: jQuery

HTML & CSS Setup
jQuery Setup & $(document).ready(); pt. 1
jQuery Setup & $(document).ready(); pt. 2
Prepopulating Today\'s Date
Changing CSS with jQuery
Resetting & Refreshing the Form
val() & Selector Filtering
Dynamically Setting Hour Fields to Zero
State of the Security Audit Form
Resetting Textareas & Checkboxes
Writing Text to Elements with text()
Event Handling Checkboxes pt. 1
Event Handling Checkboxes pt. 2
Calculating Total
Event Handling Textfields pt. 1
Event Handling Textfields pt. 2
jQuery Animation pt. 1
jQuery Animation pt. 2
jQuery Animation pt. 3
Ajax $.get()
Basics of Plugins
Implementing Datepicker
jQuery Review

Wrap Up



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