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Introduction to Microsoft Reporting Services Tutorial

The digital data storage revolution that arrived in the 1990's has continued throughout the early to late 2000's. Along with the technology came a new problem. How do we obtain secure and scalable access to the data across developing technologies such as the Internet? Microsoft SQL Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based solution that enables the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports...all in an easy to administer and secure solution. author and Microsoft Certified Trainer Mark Long will introduce you to the basics of SQL Server Reporting Services and show you how to get started creating and delivering reports with this technology. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Course Overview
What is Reporting Services?
History of Reporting Services
Reporting Challenges
Reporting Services 2008 Versions
Reporting Services 2008 Requirements
Which Tool?
New in 2008

Reporting Services Tour

Reporting Services Tour
Building Your First Report
Rendering Options

Understanding Reporting Services

How Reporting Services Works
Reporting Life Cycle
Reporting Services Architecture
Data Tier
Server Tier
Application Tier

Installing Reporting Services

Getting Your Hands On Reporting Services
Planning an Installation
Installing Reporting Services pt. 1
Installing Reporting Services pt. 2
Installing Reporting Services pt. 3
SharePoint Integrated Mode

Developing Basic Reports

Setting Up Your Database
SQL Server 2008 Sample Databases
Report Designer Basics
Creating a Report Server Project
Datasources & DataSets pt. 1
Datasources & DataSets pt. 2
Datasources & DataSets pt. 3
Data Region Basics
Grouping Data pt. 1
Grouping Data pt. 2
Adding Totals
Adding Images
Formatting the Report pt. 1
Formatting the Report pt. 2
Data Formatting
Using Matrix Regions
Using List Regions

Enhancing Your Reports

Adding a Header
Adding a Footer
Moving & Resizing
Inserting Page Breaks
Report Page Setup
Text Box Expressions pt. 1
Text Box Expressions pt. 2
Text Box Expressions pt. 3
Text Box Expressions pt. 4
Adding Calculated Fields
Controlling Visibility


Overview of Using Parameters
Report Parameters
Query Parameters
Report Parameter Options pt. 1
Report Parameter Options pt. 2

Charts & Gauges

Using Charts
Chart Formatting
Using Gauges
Gauge Formatting

Deploying Reports

Report Deployment Overview
Deploying Reports
Report Execution Options

Securing Reports

Access Control Overview
Customizing Roles
User Permissions
Item Level Security
Data Source Security

Course Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up
About the Author

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