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Introduction to IPv6 Tutorial

IPv6 is the next generation of the suite of protocols that make the Internet possible. By mid 2011, the available TCP/IP addresses will be exhausted and moving from IPv4 to IPv6 will no longer be a good idea, it will be an absolute requirement. Marketers are quick to announce that "IPv6 provides integrated and interoperable technologies to enable exciting new scenarios for personal and enterprise computing." IT technicians and administrators fully understand that first and foremost, IPv6 will be a technical challenge. Re-building a 747 airliner while it is still in flight is one way to look at it. In this course, Mark Long will teach you the new concepts, terminologies, and processes of IPv6 to help you get ready for this exciting, albeit challenging, new functionality. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Course Objectives
Course Structure
Evolution of the Internet
What is TCP/IP?
Where We Are
Decimal / Binary / Hex
Hexadecimal Basics
Command Window Shortcut

IPv6 and IPv4

Why IPv6?
IPv6 Improvements
History of IPv6
IPv6 Basics
IPv6 Terminology
From Here to There
Current OS Support

IPv6 Protocol Structure

IPv6 Packet Structure
Header Structure
IPv6 Header Fields
Extension Headers

IPv6 Addressing

Address Notation Comparison
Using the Calculator
Address Types
Global Unicast Address
Local-Use Unicast Addresses
Link-Local Unicast Address
Site-Local Unicast Address
Local-Use Zone IDs
Unique Local Addresses
Special IPv6 Addresses
Multicast Address
Transition Addresses
Obtaining an Address
Address Privacy
Auto-Configured Address States


IPv4 and IPv6 Coexistence
Dual Stack Techniques
Tunneling Techniques pt. 1
Tunneling Techniques pt. 2
Tunneling Technologies


ISATAP Overview
ISATAP Addressing
ISATAP Components
ISATAP Example


6to4 Overview
6to4 Addressing
6to4 Components
6to4 Example


Teredo Overview
Understanding NAT
Teredo Addressing
Teredo Components
Teredo Example

Security in IPv6

Security Threats
IPv6 Security Considerations
Automatically Assigned Addresses
IPv6 Packets on the Wire
Host Protection
Control of Network Traffic
IPv6 Security and Other Services
IPv6 Security Concerns


ICMPv6 Basics
ICMPv6 Error Messages
Error Message Code Types
ICMPv6 Informational Messages
Understanding Path MTU

Neighbor Discovery

What Neighbor Discovery Is
Who Uses Neighbor Discovery?
Neighbor Discovery Messages
Router Solicitation
Router Advertisement
Neighbor Solicitation
Neighbor Advertisement
Neighbor Discovery Redirect
Neighbor Discovery Caches
Neighbor Reachability States


DHCPv6 Basics
New in DHCPv6
Stateful or Stateless
Pros and Cons

IPv6 Interface Identifiers

IPv6 Interface Identifiers
EUI-64 Based IID
Link-Layer Based IID
Temporary Random IID
Permanent Random IID
Manual & DHCPv6 IID


Course Wrap Up


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