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Introduction to Game Development Using Unity 3D Tutorial

This VTC course will take you through the ins and outs of creating a video game from scratch. Say goodbye to your spare time as this is too much fun to be had. You’ll learn how to maneuver your character around in 3d space, sculpting and painting your environments, special effects, weapon handling, creating menu’s and user interfaces, adding enemies, generating large worlds and much more. The main software package used (Unity3D) is free of charge, yet high quality. All the art assets you will need are provided. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Installing Unity3D
Reviewing the Interface pt. 1
Reviewing the Interface pt. 2
Navigating in 3D
The Unity3D Concept

Our First Game

Creating a New Project
Walking Around
Adding Crates & Physics
Unity Prefabs
Painting Terrain
Painting Grass
Adding Trees

Introduction to Scripting

Unity Scripting
Variables & Syntax
Predefined Words
If & Else
Unity Functions & Switch
Core Unity Classes
Private Versus Public

3D Under the Hood

What Are We Looking At?
Fun With X Y & Z
Local Versus Global
Throwing Objects

Importing Models

Understanding Materials
Shaders in Unity
Importing in Unity

Interacting with Models

Animating a Door
Scripting Animations

Special Effects

Understanding Particles
Sparking a Fire pt. 1
Sparking a Fire pt. 2
Sparking a Fire pt. 3


Picking Up Items pt. 1
Picking Up Items pt. 2
Prepping the Grenade
Scripting Grenades pt. 1
Scripting Grenades pt. 2
Adding the Explosion
Scripting the Explosion

G.U.I. & Menus

Understanding Unity GUI
Adding GUI to Our Game pt. 1
Adding GUI to Our Game pt. 2
Scripting Our GUI
Adding a 3D Main Menu pt. 1
Adding a 3D Main Menu pt. 2
Scripting the 3D Main Menu


Turret Prep & Cleanup
Will the Turret Notice Us?
Artificial Intelligence pt. 1
Artificial Intelligence pt. 2
Artificial Intelligence pt. 3
Artificial Intelligence pt. 4
Artificial Intelligence pt. 5
Applying the AI
Animating the Guns pt. 1
Animating the Guns pt. 2
Timing the Attack

Health System

Adding the Health GUI
Scripting the Health GUI pt. 1
Scripting the Health GUI pt. 2
Subtracting Health
Game Over Menu


Adding Audio Clips

Exporting the Game

The Build Menu
Quality Settings
Player Settings

Where to Go From Here

Generating Massive Worlds
Generating Texture Maps
Unity Resources


Wrap Up


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