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Introduction To Wireless Administration Tutorial

Wireless Networking is one of the fastest-growing technologies in both consumer and business arenas today. It’s become the primary means of communication for mobile users on the go, and allows us all to watch movies, listen to music, surf the web, and even conduct business from small mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and laptops. This title, by veteran author Bobby Rogers, delivers a solid foundation on these technologies to the up-and-coming wireless administrator. Both newcomers and experienced administrators will gain insight on administering both basic and complex wireless networks. To begin learning simply click the links.

Introduction & Course Outline

Course Introduction & Outline

Overview of Wireless Networking

Overview of Wireless Networking
Wireless Vs Wired Networks
Wireless Basics
Wireless Transmission Methods
Wireless Hardware Overview
Wireless Security Issues

Wireless Standards & Topologies

Intro to Wireless Standards & Topologies
Other Standards
Wireless Topologies

Wireless Technology Science Fundamentals

Waves/Frequency & Amplitude
RF Wave Concepts
RF Power
Range & Speed

Wireless Hardware

Wireless Access Points
Wireless Network Hardware
Wireless Client Hardware
Boosters & other Wireless Hardware

Configuring Wireless Access Points

Access Point General Configuration
Configuring a Linksys AP
Onfiguring a TrendNet AP Pt.1
Onfiguring a TrendNet AP Pt.2
Configuring a DLink AP
Configuring a Linux AP
Troubleshooting Wireless Access Points Pt.1
Troubleshooting Wireless Access Points Pt.2

Configuring Wireless Clients

General Client Configuration
Configuring a Windows Client
Configuring a Windows XP Client
Configuring a Windows Vista Client
Configuring a Linux Client
Configuring a Mac OS X Client

Wireless Applications

Intro to Wireless Applications
Wireless Markup Language
Wireless Application Protocol
Wireless Enabled Web

Wireless Security Protocols & Features

SSID Protection
MAC Address Filtering

Wireless Peripherals

Wireless Print Servers
Wireless Media Centers
Other Wireless Peripherals


Overview of Bluetooth
Bluetooth Security Features
Bluetooth Weaknesses

Other Wireless Technologies

Infra Red Technologies
Cell Phone Technologies
Connecting with Wireless PDAs

Wireless Security Testing

War Driving & War Chalking
Penetration Testing Methodology
Pen Testing Platforms
Pen Testing Tools
Netstumbler Demonstration
Rouge Access Points & Illegal Clients

Administering a Wireless Network

Site Survey & Design
Home Networks
Small & Medium Networks Pt.1
Small & Medium Networks Pt.2
Enterprise Wireless Networks

Best Practices

Best Practices - Designing the Network Pt.1
Best Practices - Designing the Network Pt.2
Best Practices - Wireless Clients
Best Practices - Wireless Access Points
Connecting Wireless & Wired Networks
Best Practices - Wireless Security

Course Wrap up

Course Wrap Up


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