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Introduction To Computer Forensics Tutorial

Computer forensics is a new and exiting field that is gaining popularity. Because of the complexity and legal boundaries, few truly understand what skills are required to be an effective computer forensics technician. author's Bobby Rogers and Brad Causey take you step by step through the entire investigative process, explaining all the details that an investigator would have to know. To begin learning today simply click on one of the links.


Computer Forensics Definition
Course Overview Pt.1
Course Overview Pt.2

Defining Incident Response

Incident Response Definition
Criminal Investigations
Corporate Investigations
Private/Civil Investigations

Role Of The Investigator

Skill Sets & Training
Evidence Control & Documentation
Investigation & Analysis
Reporting & Testifying

The Incident Response Team (IRT)

Roles of an Incident Response Team
Authority, Roles & Responsibility
Team Training & Cross-Functional Skills
Team Preparation & Activation

Computer Crime Laws

Computer Crime Laws & Issues
US Constitution Fourth Amendment
Title 18 USC
Other US Statutes

Corporate Regulation & Privacy Issues

Computer Abuse in the Corporate World
Security & Acceptable Use Policies
Expectation of Privacy

Evidence Control & Documentation

Document! Document! Document!
Evidence Collection & Inventory
Chain of Custody
Evidence Storage & Security
Federal Rules of Evidence

Crime Scene Response

Preparation: Your Response Kit
Securing the Scene
Photographing the Scene
Marking & Inventorying
Live Response
Post Mortem Examination

Building a Forensics Laboratory

Laboratory Standards
Facility Physical Security
Evidence Security
Portable Forensics Lab

Commercial Forensics Software Tools

The Case for Commercial Tools
Access Data Forensics Tool Kit
DriveSpy & Paraben

Open Source Forensics Tools

Open Source Forensics Tools
Linux dd
Autopsy & The Sleuth Kit
Forensic Incident Response Environment

Basics of Disk Imaging

Types of Disk Duplication
Bitstream Images
Importance of Slack space/Unallocated space

Disk Imaging Tools

Symantec Ghost
FTK Imager
Hardware Imagers

Disk Analysis

Disk Basics
Disk Structures - Fat File System
Disk Structures - NTFS File System
Disk Structures - EXT2/EXT3 File Systems

File Analysis

What are you looking for?
File Attributes
Known File Type Signatures & Hashes

Log File Analysis

Installation Logs
Windows Event Logs
Firewall & IDS Logs
Application & Error Logs

Windows Forensics

What you are looking for?
Live vs. Dead Responses
Network Connections, Processes, & Services Pt.1
Network Connections, Processes, & Services Pt.2
Network Connections, Processes, & Services Pt.3
Hidden Files & NTFS Streams
Encrypted & Password Protected Files
Browser Artifacts
Auditing & The Security Event Log
Windows Forensics Tools

Linux Forensics

Linux Forensics

Case Study

The Case
Incident Response
Data acquisition
Data analysis

Concluding an Investigation

Concluding a Corporate Investigation
Testifying in Court
Ethical Responsibilities

That Is A Wrap

Wrapping it up


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