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Introduction To Apache Web Server Tutorial

Behind every great web site is a hard working web server ready to deliver content to the world. Apache is the most widely used web server software on the Internet, combining power and flexibility in an open source package. author Dawn Dunkerley will guide you through the numerous features of Apache and the LAMP stack, helping you configure a web server solution that works for your needs. To begin learning simply click the links.

Introduction & Course Outline

Introduction & Course Outline

Introduction To Apache

Apache in a Nutshell
History of Apache

Installing Apache on Linux

Installing Apache on Linux
Installing Apache from RPMs
Installing Apache from Source
Demo: Installing on Linux

Installing Apache on Windows

Configuration Methods on Windows
Basic Apache Adminstration on Windows
Demon: Installing on Windows

Configuring Apache on Linux

Configuration Files
Configuring Apache at the Command Line
Configuring Apache With the GUI
Configuring Apache With Webmin
Apache Modules
Demo: Configuring Apache Web Server

Managing Content on Apache Server

Virtual Hosting
Content Publishing
Proxying with Apache
Demo: Managing Content on Apache

Configuring MySQL on Apache

Intro to MySQL
Installing MySQL
Configuring MySQL
Securing MySQL

Configuring PHP on Apache

Intro to PHP
Installing PHP
Configuring PHP
PHP Security
Demo: Configuring PHP on Apache

Apache Web Server Admin

Remote Administration
Performance Monitoring
Demo: Remote Administration of Apache

Security Testing Apache

Introduction To Penetration Testing
Pen Testing Platforms & Tools
Testing Web Servers
Testing Web Applications
Testing Databases

Securing Apache

Securing the Server
Securing the OS
Securing Apache Web Server
Securing Apache Applications
Securing the Network

Best Practices to Running Apache

Installation & Configuration

Course Wrap up

Course Wrap up

About the Authors

About the Authors

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