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Inkscape Tutorial

This VTC course provides an overview of the most robust and powerful open-source vector illustration program available: Inkscape. Inkscape is the defacto vector editing program for most GNU/Linux operating systems and is available for Windows and Mac based systems. In this video training course, you will learn everything you need to know about getting started with Inkscape. This course presents a project-based approach to exploring the Inkscape toolset (ranging from how to construct simple diagrams to more complex traditional advertisements) that will help you learn all about Inkscape. Let James Street be your guide as you learn to harness the power of Inkscape! Work Files are included. To begin learning Inkscape today, simply click on one of the movie links.

Introduction to Course

Overview of Topics
Getting Inkscape
Installing Inkscape

About Inkscape

What is Inkscape?
History of Inkscape
What is SVG? pt. 1
What is SVG? pt. 2
Uses of Inkscape

Interface Overview

Menu Bar pt. 1
Menu Bar pt. 2
Menu Bar pt. 3
Command Bar
Snap Controls
Toolbox pt. 1
Toolbox pt. 2
Toolbox pt. 3
Toolbox pt. 4
Basic Preferences

Project: Diagrams

Selecting & Transforming
Selection Options
Transform Dialog
Color Swatches
Fill & Stroke Dialog pt. 1
Fill & Stroke Dialog pt. 2
Paint Bucket Tool
The Dropper
Aligning and Distributing pt. 1
Aligning and Distributing pt. 2
Aligning and Distributing pt. 3
Stroke Options pt. 1
Stroke Options pt. 2
Applying Stroke Formatting
Node Tool pt. 1
Node Tool pt. 2
Node Tool pt. 3
Node Tool pt. 4
Text Tool Basics pt. 1
Text Tool Basics pt. 2
Importing Raster Graphics
Project Wrap-up

Project: Creating an Icon

Ellipse Tool and Options
Star Tool and Options
Offsets pt. 1
Offsets pt. 2
Spirals pt. 1
Spirals pt. 2
Gradients pt. 1
Gradients pt. 2
Gradients pt. 3
Combining Paths pt. 1
Combining Paths pt. 2
Combining Paths pt. 3
Previewing an Icon
Saving an .ico file and Review

Project: Logos

Basic Tweak Tool pt. 1
Basic Tweak Tool pt. 2
Shapes for the Skull
Nose and Teeth
Finishing the Teeth
Combining to Create the Skull
Shatter Effect pt. 1
Shatter Effect pt. 2
Logo Text pt. 1
Logo Text pt. 2
Logo Text pt. 3
Logo Text pt. 4
Logo Text pt. 5
Live Path Effects pt. 1
Live Path Effects pt. 2
Live Path Effects pt. 3
Texturing Logo Text pt. 1
Texturing Logo Text pt. 2
Masking: Reflections
Grouping / Saving / Review

Project: Advertisement/Flyer

Pencil Tool
Graphic Brushes pt. 1
Graphic Brushes pt. 2
Pen Tool Basics
Pen Tool Options
Calligraphy Tool pt. 1
Calligraphy Tool pt. 2
Background with Interpolate pt. 1
Background with Interpolate pt. 2
Clipping Path
Fun with Extensions
Creating the Sun pt. 1
Creating the Sun pt. 2
Building a Music Drop
Scattered Music Showers
Creating a Cloud
Accent Circles
Arranging Elements
Crafting Swirls
Making Accent Splatter
Creating a Silhouette Automatically
Creating a Silhouette Manually
Placing the Silhouette
Text-based Logo pt. 1
Text-based Logo pt. 2
Text-based Logo pt. 3
Setting up Text Frames
Using Text Frames
Text-on-a-Path pt. 1
Text-on-a-Path pt. 2
Finishing pt. 1
Finishing pt. 2

Bits and Pieces

3D Boxes
Pattern Fills
SVG Fonts
XML Editor
Customizing Inkscape pt. 1
Customizing Inkscape pt. 2


Review of the Course


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