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Implementing & Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (70-284) Tutorial

Microsoft's Exchange 2003 is one of the premier enterprise email and collaberation platforms available. In this course, instructor Mark Long walks you through a thorough tour of how Exchange works, how to install it and how to manage it. This course is especially designed to help in the preparation for Microsoft's Exchange certification exam 70-284 Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2003. To begin learning, simply click on on the links.


Course Overview
Active Directory Overview
Active Directory & Exchange
Active Directory Forests & Domains
Active Directory Sites
Global Catalog Servers
Active Directory Operations Masters
Message System Basics - Shared File
Message System Basics - Client Server
Exchange & IIS 6.0
Exchange From Ten Thousand Feet

Installing Exchange 2003

Installation Planning
System Requirements
Enabling Windows 2003 Services
Troubleshooting ForestPrep & DomainPrep
Installing Exchange 2003 Admin Tools
Installing Exchange 2003
Post Installation Checks
Unattended Installations

Exchange 5.5 Coexistence

Active Directory Connector Basics
Installing ADC Tools
Setting Up A Connection Agreement
Installing Exchange 2003 Into 5.5 Org

Upgrading From Exchange 5.5 & 2000

Upgrading From Exchange 5.5
Upgrading From 2000
Removing Tuning Parameters

Exchange 2003 High Availability

Clustering Basics
Clustering Exchange 2003
Network Load Balancing
Front End-Back End Servers
Configuring A Front End Server
Front End/Back End Server Considerations

Designing Exchange 2003 Infrastructure

Administrative Model
Administration Overview
Viewing Admin & Routing Groups
Assigning Administrative Permissions
Security Tab
Admin From Client Computers
Adding & Removing Exchange Components
Server Placement
Server Specialization
Data Storage Basics
Database Issues
Stores/Storage Groups
Routing Groups
Routing Group Connectors
Removing Exchange Servers


Types of Recipients
Creating A Mailbox
Creating Recipient Types
Mailbox Management
Mail-enabling AD Groups
Setting Mailbox Storage Limits
Creating Recipient Policies
System Policies

Address Lists

What Are Address Lists
Creating Address Lists
Recipient Update Service
Offline Address Lists
Controlling Address List Usage

Public Folders

Public Folder Basics
Public Folder Trees
Creating GP Public Folder Trees
Public Folder Replication
Public Folder Creation/Security
Public Folder Permissions

Exchange Virtual Servers

Creating A Virtual Server
Virtual Server Settings
Virtual Server Authentication
Virtual Server URLS


Using SMTP
Manual SMTP
Internet Connectivity
SMTP Relay

Exchange Security

Firewall Basics
MAPI Through A Firewall
Worms, Horses & Viruses
Connection Filtering
Recipient Filtering
Sender Filtering
Required Services
Protocol Logging
Physical Security

Backup & Restoring Exchange 2003

Understanding Data Storage
Transaction Logs
Storage Naming Conventions
What To Back Up
System State Data
Backup Types
Recovering Databases
Recovery Storage Group

Managing, Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Server health
Event Viewer
Monitoring & Status Utility
Queue Viewer
Performance Console
Badmail Folder


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