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How to Build a Basic Website Tutorial

Due to its reach, power and importance, it is now more important than ever to have a presence on the World Wide Web. In this tutorial, author James Gonzalez uses his Web design expertise and years of training experience to show you how to quickly and easily create basic Web pages and websites using Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. This is not just a course covering the how of these applications, it also includes the theory needed to understand why and when to use them. At the conclusion of this tutorial, you will know everything needed to design and create attractive, effective Web sites and how to promote them using the top search engines. To being learning, simply click on any of the movie links.

Getting Started

About this Tutorial
Course Overview
What is the World Wide Web?
Why the Web is a Big Deal
Tools Needed to Build Websites pt. 1
Tools Needed to Build Websites pt. 2

Before Planning Your Site

Web Browsers
Browsing the Web vs. Building a Site
Domain Names
Finding a Host for Your Website
Using File Transfer Protocol pt. 1
Using File Transfer Protocol pt. 2

Planning Your Site

Website Planning
Components of a Website
Components of a Web Page

Designing Your Site

Web Design for the Non-Designer
Establish Focus
Page Lengths
Visual Contrast
Picking Color Schemes

Designing Type

Text Composition
Improving Legibility
Introduction to Typography
Style Sheets

Setting Up Your Site

Setting Up Your Site
Overview - Creating Your First Page
Using Blog Software
Word Press

Text Based Pages

Advantages of Text Based Layouts
Using Text Editors or HTML Editors
Creating a Dreamweaver Site pt. 1
Creating a Dreamweaver Site pt. 2
Dreamweaver Workspace Layout
Creating Pages with Dreamweaver pt. 1
Creating Pages with Dreamweaver pt. 2
Creating Pages with Dreamweaver pt. 3
Formatting with CSS vs. HTML

Graphics-based Pages

Advantages of Graphic Based Pages
Bitmap Graphics
Vector Graphics
Image Compression
GIF Files pt. 1
GIF Files pt. 2
JPEG Files
PNG & Other Files
Using Fireworks to Create Pages
Fireworks Workspace
Fireworks Panels
Creating a Splash Page in Fireworks
Creating a Home Page in Fireworks
Optimizing Graphics in Fireworks
Publishing Fireworks Files

Table Based Pages in Dreamweaver

Page Layouts Using Tables
Setting Table Properties pt. 1
Setting Table Properties pt. 2
Working with Table Cells
Working in Expanded Tables Mode
Layouts Using Nested Tables

CSS Based Pages

Why Use CSS?
Page Layouts Using CSS
Creating Embedded Text Styles
Creating External Style Sheets
Applying Styles
Troubleshooting Style Problems
CSS Positioning Properties pt. 1
CSS Positioning Properties pt. 2

Flash Based Websites

What is Flash?
Advantages & Disadvantages of Flash Pages
The Flash Timeline
Building a Basic Intro Page in Flash pt. 1
Building a Basic Intro Page in Flash pt. 2
Building a Basic Home Page in Flash pt. 1
Building a Basic Home Page in Flash pt. 2
Creating Shape Tween Animations
Creating Motion Tween Animations
Adding Sound to Your Web Pages
Publishing Flash Files

Creating Links

Relative vs. Absolute Links
Writing Relative Paths pt. 1
Writing Relative Paths pt. 2
Tips for Organizing Folders
Tips for Handling External Links
Anchor Tags & Internal Links
Creating Links in Dreamweaver & Fireworks
Creating Links in Flash

Fixing Problems

Avoiding Problems by Staying Organized
Testing for Problems
Debugging Tricks pt. 1
Debugging Tricks pt. 2

Promoting Your Site

Why Search Engines are Important
How Search Engines Work
How Search Engines Rank Web Pages pt. 1
How Search Engines Rank Web Pages pt. 2
Researching Keywords
Applying Keywords on Your Pages
Link Strategies

Wrap Up

Where to Learn More
Course Conclusion
About Your Instructor

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