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Hexagon 2 Basics Tutorial

Hexagon 2 is a 3D polygonal modeler for artists, illustrators and animators. With several modeling techniques options including free polygonal modeling, subdivision surfaces, and creating surfaces from curves, it is capable of producing very technical or organic forms. It offers UV mapping and brush modeling features for microdisplacement and texturing. And it includes Dynamic Geometry™, which allows dynamic re-editing of all or some of the construction steps. This "how to" course by Jack Whitney, thoroughly examines all of the tools and techniques found in Hexagon 2. Work files for the lessons are included so users can easily follow along. To get started, simply click on one of the lessons below.

Introduction to Hexagon 2

What is Hexagon and What is New in Version 2
PC/Mac Keystrokes and Keyboard Preferences

Understanding the Interface

Introduction to the Palettes
Introduction to the Panels
The Context Menu
Customization of the Interface pt. 1
Customization of the Interface pt. 2

Navigating the Workspace

The Working Planes - Absolute / Camera and Specific
The Mouse
The Keyboard
The Control Panel

The 3D Manipulator

The 3D Manipulator pt. 1
The 3D Manipulator pt. 2
The 3D Manipulator pt. 3


Selection Types
Selection Methods pt. 1
Selection Methods pt. 2
Soft Selection
Making and Modifying Selections from the Menu
Growing / Shrinking and Inverting Selections
Selecting the Next and Previous Polygons
1/N and 1 Over N for Loop / Ring and Between Selection Types
Advanced Selections for Faces / Edges and Points pt. 1
Advanced Selections for Faces / Edges and Points pt. 2
Advanced Selections for Faces / Edges and Points pt. 3
Converting Selections to Faces / Points and Edges and Face Borders to Edges
Grouping and Un-grouping Selections
Isolate a Selection with Show Only Selection
Extend Selection and Shift Selection
Reset Selections and Set Selection Auto Mode
Delete and Dissolve Selections
Hiding and Showing Selected Faces

3D Primitives

Tetrahedrons / Octahedrons / Icosahedrons and Dodecahedrons
3D Text

Vertex Modeling

The Fast Extrude Tool
The Sweep Surface Tool pt. 1
The Sweep Surface Tool pt. 2
The Extrude Surface Tool
The Bridge Tool
The Edge Tools
The Tessellation Tools pt. 1
The Tessellation Tools pt. 2
The Connect Tool
The Tweak Tool
The Welding Tools for Points and Edges pt. 1
The Welding Tools for Points and Edges pt. 2
The Welding Tools for Points and Edges pt. 3
The Weld Objects Tool
The Close Tool
The Dissociate Tool
The Extract Tool
The Symmetry Tool
The Smooth More and Less Tools

Modeling with Lines

The Square and Rectangle Lines Tools
The Polyline Tool
The Interpolated Curves Tool
The Curves Tool
The Bezier Curves Tool
The Circles Tools pt. 1
The Circles Tools pt. 2
The Arc Tools
The Helix Tool
The Composite Curves Tools
The 2D Text Tool
The Close Curve Tool
The 2D Symmetry Tool
The Line Tessellation and Insert Points Tools
The Offset Curve Tool
The Curve Extraction Tool
The Reverse Curve Tool

Surface Modeling

The Extrude Line Tool pt. 1
The Extrude Line Tool pt. 2
The Sweep Line Tool
The Double Sweep Tool
The Gordon Surface Tool
The Ruled Surface and Coons Surface Tool
The Booleans Operations Tool
The Thickness / Offset Surfaces and Chamfer Tools
The Smooth Tools pt. 1
The Smooth Tools pt. 2


The Stretch Tool
The Single Copy Tool
The Multiple Copies Tool
The Copy On A Support Tool
The Snap and Align Tools
The Lay On Tool
The Deformers Tools
The Bend Tool
The Group / Ungroup / Show Hidden Object and Hide Object Tools
The Decimate Tool
The Orient Normals Tool
The Triangulate Facets / Merge Duplicated Points and Merge Coplanar Facets Tools
The Extract Openings and Cut Into Slices Tools

Working with Surface Texture

The Materials Panel pt. 1
The Materials Panel pt. 2
The Shader Domains Panel
The Gizmo Tools pt. 1
The Gizmo Tools pt. 2
The Unfold Tool pt. 1
The Unfold Tool pt. 2
The Unfold Tool pt. 3
The Paint Tool and the UV Stretch Tool
The Displacement Brush / Soften / Pinch and Inflate Tools
The Brush Tool and Export Bump Tool pt. 1
The Brush Tool and Export Bump Tool pt. 2

Dynamic Geometry

The Dynamic Geometry Panel


Wrap Up

Author Biography

Author Biography

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