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HTML 4 Tutorial

If the Internet were a building, HTML would be the bricks. Virtual Training Company's tutorial on HTML 4 is essential for anyone who is studying web design or is building web sites. HTML will pull you into the world of the Internet, and author Mark Fletcher will show you how to use it to get your web site up and running in no time. From the very basics to actually working online, Mark Fletcher will take you on a journey that includes learning about text controls, links, graphics, image mapping, encoding, and much more. Get started right away by clicking on the selection of your choice below.


Getting Started
How the Web Works
Viewing a Page
What is HTML?
Creating the First Page

Text Controls

Font Sizes
Absolute/Relative Font Size
Font size on Mac & PC
Paragraph and Line Breaks
Bold and Italics
HTML Elements
Centering Text
Indenting Text
Nesting HTML tags
Phrase Tags
Text Colors
Basic Font Style Elements
New HTML4 Style Elements
New Style Elements (PC)
Horizontal Lines
Netscape Font Tags
Explorer Specific Tags
Special characters
New HTML4 0 entities
Preformatted Text
Customize Browser display
Controlling Fonts
Using Division Tags
Adding Comments


What is Hypertext
Basic Hypertext Links
Adding Titles to Links
To Parts of Same Page
To Parts of Another Page
Dynamic Links
Defining Link Short Cuts
External Links
Absolute and Relative Links
Mailto Links
Dating Links
Naming your Default Page
Changing Link Color
Links to Download Files

Graphics and Color

Changing Background Color
Adding an image
Graphic Format Types
Alternative Text Labels
Changing Size of an Image
Large Graphics
Image Cache
Background Images
Aligning Images
Run-around Text & Graphics
Image Links
Transparent Images
Adding a Long Description
Horizontal Image Lines
More pixel GIF tricks
Hex Color Charts
Converting RGB to Hex
Other Graphic Applications
PNG Image Format
Object Tag
Pre-loading Tip


A simple table
Adding Data
Aligning Cell Data
Row & Column Span
Table Colors
Cellpadding & Spacing
Adding Images to Cells
Resizing Tables
Table Alignment
Dividing Tables
Column Elements
Defining Widths
Framing Options
Table Rules
More new Elements
Netscape Elements
Nested Tables
A Nested Table


Bulleted lists
List Attributes
Ordered Lists
Nested Lists
Definition and Menu Lists


Intro to Forms
Simple Text Fields
More on Text Fields
Scrolling Text Boxes
Radio buttons
More Scrolling text boxes
Confidential Information
Selection Lists
Align with Pre tags
CGI Scripts
CGI Resources
Hidden Fields
Adding Form Buttons
Adding a File to a Form
Fieldset & Legend
Image Buttons (1)
Image Buttons (2)
Tabindex & Access Keys


Columns and Rows
Changing Appearance
Targeting Frames
More on Targets
Nested Frames
More Attributes
Inline Frames
Web Resources for Frames

Image Maps

What are Image Maps?
Image Mapping (Mac)
Image Mapping (PC)
Multi-layer Image Mapping

Style Sheets

Span Element
Embedded Style Sheets
Position Text using CSS
Linked Style Sheets
Creating Classes
Grouping Style Sheets
How Cascading Works
Hiding Style Sheets
Relative Positioning
Absolute Positioning
Overlapping Layers
Stacking Order
Overflow Options
Background Repeat
Aligning Text
CSS Web References

Dynamic HTML

What is Dynamic HTML
Simple JS Example
More on JavaScript
Opening a New Window
Combine CSS and JS
Moving Graphics
Intro VBScript
Combine VBScript & CSS
Data Binding
Golive CyberStudio
Javascript resources

Netscape Layers

Basic concepts
More on Layers
Inflow Layers

Plug-ins, Java, ActiveX and Objects

Helper Applications
Object Tags
Java Applets
ActiveX 1

Web Site Design

Introducing GIFs
Introducing JPEG
More on GIFs
Tips on JPEG and GIF
Preparing Graphics
Graphic Background
Designing Pages
Create a site map
Target Audience
Long Term Planning
Maintaining Consistency
Linear/Non-Linear Design
Horizontal/Vertical Design
Multiple Navigation
GIF Animation (Mac)
GIF Animation (PC)
Browser Safe Colors

Getting your Site Online

Uploading with Fetch
Advanced Fetch Features
Bullet Proof FTP
Command Line FTP (PC)
Domain Name Registration

Search Engines & Indexing Pages

Meta Tags
More Meta Tags
Directory Listings
Search Engine Tips
Search Voyeur

Advanced Topics

Inside HTML
Internationalizing HTML
Character Encoding Sets
External Character Encoding
Introduction to XML
XML in Action
HTML Libraries
Convert Files for Server


About the Author

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