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HTML 4/5 with CSS Tutorial

With more than 250 million North American users now on the Internet and more than 1.6 billion worldwide, it’s wonder that HTML has stayed the course as the most popular web programming language. In addition, the skills learned in the study of HTML are fundamental to more advanced programming technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, Flash ActionScript and many others. This course covers all the important features of HTML 4 and HTML 5, and includes an introduction to styling web documents using CSS. The working scripts and step-by-step examples found here will have you quickly creating the kind of web content demanded by today’s web sites. With the help of the instruction in this course, you will quickly be adding text, links, images, sounds, and videos to your web pages and expertly formatting everything using the latest and most powerful CSS techniques. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


What is HTML?
About this Course
Tools Needed to Code HTML
Services Needed to Publish HTML
Versions of HTML
Creating Your First Page

HTML Building Blocks

HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
IDs & Classes
Text & Comments

HTML Structure

Document Type
Head Elements: Titles
Head Elements: Meta Elements
Head Elements: Script & Style Tags
Block & Inline Elements
Section Headings
List Elements
Inline Spans

Basic Formatting

Paragraph vs. Line Breaks
Bold & Italic
Superscript & Subscript
Preformatted Text
Rules & Blockqoutes
Abbreviations & Acronyms
CSS Text Properties

Color & Images

Color on the Web
Color Schemes
Creating & Naming Graphics
Image Resolution
Image File Formats
Getting Images to Load Faster
Background Images & Color
Image Maps
The IMG Tag
IMG Tag Attributes


The Anchor Element
Absolute vs. Relative Links
Writing Relative Links
File Structure & Linking Tips
HREF & Target Attributes
Internal Links & the Name Attribute
Changing Link Colors


Tables vs. Div Tags
Setting Table Widths
Cell Padding & Spacing
Positioning Tables & Contents
Table Headers
Spanning Columns & Rows
Nesting Tables


Intro to Forms
Input Fields
Radio Buttons
Dropdown & Selection Lists
Large Text Input
File & Hidden Fields
Submit & Reset Buttons
Image & General Buttons
Making Forms Easier to Use
Organizing Forms using Fieldset
Tips for Formatting Forms
Processing Form Data

Style Sheets

What is CSS & Why Use It
Style Syntax & Structure
Writing & Applying Your First Styles
Intro to Selectors
Base/Tag Selector
The Class Selector
The ID Selector
Context Selectors
When to Use ID or Class

Managing Multiple Styles

How Styles Cascade
Cascade & Inheritance Rules
Cascade & Inheritance Tips
Inlining Styles
Embedding Styles
Importing Style Sheets
Linking Style Sheets

CSS Building Blocks

The Box Model
The Div Tag
Child Divs
Width & Height

Formatting Text

Why Text Formatting is Important
Choosing Fonts
Browser-Safe Fonts
Font Size
Applying Styles to Text
Setting Line Height
Letter Spacing (Kerning)
Other Font Properties
Tips for Improving Text Legibility

Styling Lists / Colors / Images

Styling Lists with CSS
CSS Background Color
CSS Background Images
Setting Image Opacity

Laying Out Pages with CSS

CSS Layout Structure
Block vs. Inline Display
Containing Blocks
Positioning Schemes
Static / Fixed / Absolute Positioning
Relative Positioning
Floating & Clearing Content
Using Floats in Layouts
Fixed-Width Layouts
Liquid / Fluid Layouts
Elastic & Variable Fixed Width Layouts
Tips for Creating & Applying Styles


What is HTML 5?
HTML 4 vs. HTML 5
New HTML5 Structural Elements
The Article / Section / NavElements
Aside / Figure / Legend Elements
Video & Audio Elements
Playing Video & Audio
Controlling Media Playback
The Canvas Element
Additional HTML 5 APIs
Where You Can Use HTML 5
Easing the Transition from XHTML

Advanced Topics

Adding Multimedia
Multimedia Players & Platforms
Dynamic HTML

Publishing your Web Site

Understanding Web Page Publishing
Site Setup & File Transfer
Site Management & Organization
Site Troubleshooting Tips
Promoting Your Sites pt. 1
Promoting Your Sites pt. 2




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