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HTML 3 Tutorial

If the Internet were a building, HTML would be the bricks. Virtual Training Company's tutorial on HTML 3 is essential for anyone who is studying web design or is building web sites. HTML will pull you into the world of the Internet, and author Mark Cernon will show you how to use it to get your web site up and running in no time. From the very basics to actually working online, you will be taken on a journey that includes learning about basic text controls, hypertext links, graphics, image mapping, and much more. Get started right away by clicking on the selection of your choice below.


Setting Up the Software
How Web Publishing Works
Netscape Gold Overview
Planning Your Site

Basic Text Control

Basic Structure of HTML
Basic Text Size Tags
Netscape Fontsize Tags
Paragraph and Line Breaks
Text Styles
Fixed Width Font
Perforated Text
Blinking Text
Alignment of Text
Text Colors

Graphics and Color

Importing Images
Types of Graphics
Graphic Converter
Transparent Graphics
More on Jpegs
Progressive Jpegs
Background Graphics
Hex Color Charts
Run-around Text with Graphics

Hypertext Links

Basic Hypertext Link
Links to Part of the Same Page
Link to Part of Another Page
Links to Other Websites
Graphics as Button Links
Mail to Links
Links to Download Files


Normal Bullet Lists
Numbered Lists
Definition Lists


How Forms Work
Simple Text Field
Scrolling Text Field
Format Fields
Radio Buttons
Selection Lists
Pop-up Menu
Sending and Receiving Data
Graphics as Send Buttons
Multiple Forms on One Page
Sending Files From a Form
HTML Tags in the Editor


Creating a Simple Table
Rowspan and Colspan
Table Headers
Cellpadding and Cellspacing
Table Width and Height
Using Color in Tables
Tables in Netscape Gold


Starting Your Frame Document
Splitting Up the Frames
Scrolling and Noresize
Marginheight and Marginwidth
Frame Targets
Base Targets
Magic Targets

Getting Your Site Online

Uploading With Ftp (Mac)
Remote Admin With Ftp (Mac)
Uploading With Ftp (PC)
Remote Admin With FTP (PC)
Getting a Domain Name
Publish Feature of Netscape
Advertising Your Site

Image Maps

What are Imagemaps
Creating Imagemaps (Mac)
Making the Image Map Work
Client Side Image Maps
Map editing on the PC

Plug-ins, Java & Good Stuff

Excel and Word Plug-Ins
Gif Animation (Mac)
Gif Animation (PC)
Java Applets

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