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HTML5 Tutorial

The current version of HTML in use on the web today was last updated in 1997. The Web has changed dramatically over those thirteen years and an update to HTML was desperately needed. In the mid 2000s a group called the Web Standard Project began developing HTML5. The goal of the project: develop an HTML standard capable of running full applications in a web browser. HTML5 introduces a number of new elements, attributes, events, and new ways for developers to create web pages and web applications using a version of HTML that is designed around how users are using the Web. In this course, Mark Long will introduce you to HTML 5. He will walk you through a number of practical examples that will quickly get you up and running. He will also teach you about the new features in HTML including: semantic tags, audio and video support, and events. Click the movie links below to get started today!


Course Objectives
Course Structure
Evolution of the Web
HTML History
What is a WHATWG?
HTML5 Design Principles
Your First HTML5 Page
Open in Notepad

HTML Basics

Understanding HTML Structure
Understanding DOCTYPE
Using DOCTYPE pt. 1
Using DOCTYPE pt. 2
Understanding Character Encoding
Understanding Mime Types
Understanding Elements
Understanding Attributes
Understanding Links
Understanding Tables
Understanding Forms
Validating HTML

New and Improved

What is HTML5 Really?
New in HTML5
HTML5 & JavaScript
When Should I Switch?
What is the Big Semantic Deal?
Markup & Structure
Firefox Development Tools
Standard Attributes
New Attributes

New Markup Elements

HTML5 Blog
HTML5 Outlining
Header Element
Header Demo
HGroup Element
HGroup Demo
Nav Element
Nav Demo
Article Element
Article Demo
Footer Element
Footer Demo
Section Element
Section Demo
Aside Element
Aside Demo
Currently Unsupported Elements
Menu Element
Command Element
Details & Summary Elements

New Media Elements

HTML5 & Media
Media: The Rest of the Story
Codec Moments

HTML5 Video

Supported Video Formats
Video Attributes
Video Browser Support
Basic Video Demo
Multi Format Demo
Converting Video Formats

Canvas Element

What is a Canvas
Canvas Element
Canvas Demo
Canvas Animation

HTML5 Audio

Audio Element
Audio Formats
Audio Attributes
Audio Demo
Multiple Browser Audio

New Form Elements

Forms in HTML5
Forms Browser Support
New Input Types
Input Types Demo
Output Element
Form Validation
Validation Demo

HTML5 & Events

Events in HTML5
Events Demo
New Window Events
New Form Events
New Mouse Events
Media Events

But Wait There is More!

Editable Content
Editable Content Demo
Regular Expressions
HTML5 Storage


Course Wrap Up


About the Author

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