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Google SketchUp Tutorial

Google SketchUp is a versatile 3D modeling software that is used the world over for illustration, industrial design, architectural design, and much more. It's perfect for quickly "sketching" an idea in 3D but also equally well-suited for precision final modeling, SketchUp has well earned its popularity. This comprehensive course, taught by long-time illustrator Jason Maranto, is designed so that users with little to no 3D experience can jump right in and start creating with minimum confusion and maximum satisfaction. Example work files and an examination of SketchUp's role in the larger 3D world makes this a course that even seasoned SketchUp users can learn much from as well. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Key Concepts

Welcome to SketchUp
UI Concepts
Low Poly/2D Face-Me Concepts
Status Bar & Keyboard Modifiers
Measurements Toolbar
Context Click

3D Navigation Tools

Individual Tools
Scroll Wheel Mouse
Third-Party Tools
Position Camera/Walk/Look Around

Inferencing Engine

Between Objects
Flip Along

Geometry Creation Tools

Edges & Faces
Line Tool
Arc Tool
Freehand Tool
Rectangle Tool
Circle & Polygon Tools
3D Text

Geometry Modification Tools

Move Tool
Push/Pull Tool
Rotate Tool
Follow Me Tool
Scale Tool
Offset Tool
Bevel Techniques

Organizational Strategies

Components pt. 1
Components pt. 2
Components pt. 3

Modeling Examples

Pavilion 1 pt. 1
Pavilion 1 pt. 2
High Poly Column
Wine Glass pt. 1
Wine Glass pt. 2
Sword Blade pt. 1
Sword Blade pt. 2

Render Engine

Soften/Crease Edges
Introducing Materials
Materials Palette
New Materials
Texture Position
Wrapping Textures
Fog & Shadows
Styles pt. 1
Styles pt. 2
Dimension & Text


Field Of View
Parallel Projection
Section Planes & Cuts
Using Section Cuts to Divide


Entity/Model Info
Custom Setups
Hardware pt. 1
Hardware pt. 2
OpenGL Preferences
Ruby Plugin Basics
Ruby on the Web
Using Ruby Plugins pt. 1
Using Ruby Plugins pt. 2

Terrain Modeling

From Contours
From Scratch
Stamp & Drape
Other Uses

On the Web

SketchUp on the Web
3D Warehouse on the Web
3D Warehouse in SketchUp

Input & Output

2D Stills
3D Models & Animation
Import 2D for textures
Third-Party Rendering Engines

Pro Version Features

SketchUp Pro Overview
Layout Overview
Style Builder Overview
Developing Dynamic Components Overview

Potential Problems

Low Poly to High Poly Issues
Backup Files & Bug Splats
Extensions & Plugin Conflicts
Bloated Files


Wrap Up
About the Author

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