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GarageBand 3 Tutorial

Apple's GarageBand software is virtually a "recording-studio-in-a-box". It comes with everything you need to create, edit, mix and master professional quality multi-track audio recordings, podcasts, movie scores and more. In this course by Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus, author of "GarageBand For Dummies", users will learn everything they need to create music, podcasts, and video scores. "Dr. Mac" will even discuss equipment choices, environment, proper set-up and recording practices, mixing and mastering. But even if you've never created an audio recording in your life, this hands-on course has everything you need to begin creating your own high-quality recordings, podcasts and video scores right away! Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the GarageBand links.


About This Tutorial
Intro to Digital Recording

Hardware Set Up

Room Considerations
About Audio Interfaces
About Microphones pt. 1
About Microphones pt. 2
About MIDI Keyboards
About Speakers and Headphones

Introducing GarageBand 3

System Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Intro to GarageBand 3 pt. 1
Intro to GarageBand 3 pt. 2
GarageBand Preferences pt. 1
GarageBand Preferences pt. 2

GarageBand Basics

Getting Started with GarageBand
Setting Levels
Intro to Real Instrument Tracks
What is Non-Destructive Recording?
Intro to Software Instrument Tracks
Intro to Audio Effects

Your GarageBand Toolbox

Setting Timeline Zoom and Grid Values
Transport Controls and Display
Intro to the Editor
Editing Real Instrument Regions
Editing Software Instrument Regions
Track Info and Media Browser Panes
GarageBand / File and Edit Menus
The Track Menu
The Control Menu
The Share / Window and Help Menus

Learning to Love Loops

Intro to Loops
Working with Loops
Editing Loops pt. 1
Editing Loops pt. 2
GarageBand Jam Packs

Working with Tracks

About the Track Controls
The Level Fader and Level Curve
The Pan Pot and Pan Curve
Software Instrument and MIDI Overview
Modifying Software Instruments
Recording Software Instruments
Real Instrument Overview
Mic Placement vs. Direct Input
Recording Real Instruments
Editing Software Instrument Tracks
Editing Real Instrument Tracks

Using Effects to Improve Tracks

Intro to Audio Effects
Compression and Noise Gate
Echo and Reverb
Other Effects
Improving Guitars and Basses
Improving Vocals

Mixing and Sweetening

Intro to Post Production
Cleaning Up Your Tracks
Sweetening or Not?
Try Alternative Presets
Track Doubling Adds \"Presence\"
Mixing Levels pt. 1
Mixing Levels pt. 2
Mixing Pan
Final Tweaks Before Mastering

Finishing Your Project

Intro to the Master Track
Working with Master Presets
Tweaking Master Effects
Fade-in and Fade-out
Exporting Projects to iTunes
Checking Your Work
File Formats / Sizes and Compression

Improving GarageBand Performance

Software Instrument Performance Tips
General Performance Tips
More General Performance Tips

Creating Podcasts with GarageBand

Intro to Podcasting
Creating a Podcast Episode
Adding Jingles / Stingers and Effects
All About Ducking
Adding Markers and Artwork
Finishing Your Podcast
Exporting your Podcast Feed

Scoring Movies with GarageBand

Intro to Movie Scoring
Creating a Soundtrack
Finishing Your Movie


Wrap up
About the Instructor

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