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Fundamentals of Computer Security Tutorial

In this age of malware, identity theft, and hackers, both computer users and network administrators have to know how to secure their systems. VTC's Fundamentals of Computer Security will take you through the basics of protecting your computer systems and networks from these threats. Veteran author Bobby Rogers will provide in-depth explanation on the foundational concepts and terms necessary to lock down your system and prevent attacks from both the Internet and malicious users. To begin learning simply click the links.

Introduction & Course Outline

Introduction & Course Outline

Basic Security Principles & Terms I

Security & Functionality
The CIA Triad
Authentication & Authorization
Security Clearance & Need to Know
Accountability & Auditing
Least Privilege & Separation of Duties

Basic Security Principles & Terms II

Attack Vectors
Defense Concepts
Vulnerabilities/Threats & Exposure
Basic Risk Concepts pt. 1
Basic Risk Concepts pt. 2

Computer System Security

OS Security
Windows XP Security pt. 1
Windows XP Security pt. 2
Windows XP Security pt. 3
Windows Vista Security
Linux Security pt. 1
Linux Security pt. 2
Backups & Data Protection

Network Security

Introduction to Network Security
Network Security Terms pt. 1
Network Security Terms pt. 2
Network Security Devices pt. 1
Network Security Devices pt. 2
Secure Network Design
Wireless Security
Demo: Securing a Wireless Router
Home Network Security

Internet & Email Security

Internet Threats
Secure Internet Use
Demo: Securing Your Browser pt. 1
Demo: Securing Your Browser pt. 2
Email Threats
Securing Email

Application Security

Introduction to Application Security
Application threats
Web Security
Database Security pt. 1
Database Security pt. 2
Securing Applications

Human & Physical Security

Personnel Security pt. 1
Personnel Security pt. 2
Social Engineering pt. 1
Social Engineering pt. 2
Physical Security
Integration of Security Types
Physical & Human Security at Home

User Security

Access Control Concepts
User & Group Accounts pt. 1
User & Group Accounts pt. 2
Permissions/Rights & Privileges
Demo: Permissions


Introduction to Malware
Viruses pt. 1
Viruses pt. 2
Adaware & other Malware
Malware Prevention & Cure
Demo: Malware Detection & Cure

Law, Ethics, & Privacy

Ethics in Information Technology
Information Technology Law pt. 1
Information Technology Law pt. 2
Privacy pt. 1
Privacy pt. 2
International Considerations

Policies/Procedures & Documentation

Policies/Procedures & Standards
Security Policies
Data Storage/Retention & Destruction pt. 1
Data Storage/Retention & Destruction pt. 2
Training & HR Policies

Basic Cryptography

Cryptography History & Terms
Applications of Cryptography pt. 1
Applications of Cryptography pt. 2
Encryption Algorithms pt. 1
Encryption Algorithms pt. 2
Symmetric Key Encryption
Public Key Encryption pt. 1
Public Key Encryption pt. 2

Best Security Practices

Best OS Security Practices pt. 1
Best OS Security Practices pt. 2
Best Access Control Practices
Best Network Security Practices pt. 1
Best Network Security Practices pt. 2
Best Internet & Email Practices pt. 1
Best Internet & Email Practices pt. 2
Best People & Administrative Practices
Best Home Security Practices


Course Wrap-up


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