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Final Cut Pro 3 Tutorial

Even if you are new to digital nonlinear editing, James Monohan can make you a proficient user in Final Cut Pro 3 with this comprehensive training. Virtual Training Company's 11-hour tutorial takes you from the basics of digital editing through configuring your system, capturing video, importing data, media management, keyframes, outputting, exporting, and much more. The author includes an extensive chapter on troubleshooting in Final Cut Pro 3. You can start learning this complex and powerful editing software now by clicking on one of the movie links below.

FCP Basics

How to use this Tutorial
FCP as a Video and Film Editor
FCP as an Animator/Compositor
FCP as an Offline/Online Solution
FCP Required Hardware

Configuring your FCP System

Initializing and Partitioning Drives
Installing OS/QT/FCP
Assigning RAM to the Application

Starting Final Cut Pro

How to Trash Your Preferences
Using Easy Setup
Setting External Video Device
Starting a New Project
Updating Old FCP Files
Choosing a Window Layout
Setting/Saving a Custom View

Preparing to Capture

Audio/Video Settings for Capture
Preference Settings for Capture
Creating Logging Bin
Log and Capture Window
Capture Settings Tab
Clip Settings
Log Settings 1: Reel Numbers
Log Settings 2: Naming Clips

The OfflineRT Option

What does Real Time mean?
How does OfflineRT work?
Specs for OnlineRT/OfflineRT
Knowing which FX are RT
Capturing PhotoJPEG
Converting to PhotoJPEG
Using stills in OfflineRT
Offline to Online Conversion

The Log and Capture Window

Controlling your DV Deck
Capture Setting
Clip Settings
Logging Settings

Capturing Video

Controlling your Deck/Camera
Logging Your Footage
Batch Capturing your Clips
The Capture Now Alternative
Capture Troubleshooting

Audio/Video Preferences Window

Creating a Sequence Pre-Set
Changing Sequence Settings On-the-Fly
Change Sequence Settings contd
Creating Capture Pre-Sets
Creating Device Control Pre-Sets
External Video Pre-Sets
View External Video

The Preference Window

General Settings (1)
General Settings (2)
General Settings (3)
General Settings (4)
Using the Auto-Save Vault
Restore/Revert Project Commands
User Mode and Timeline Options
External Editors
The Scratch Disks Tab

Preparing to Edit

Organizing Shots in the Browser
Setting Clip Views in the Browser
Creating a Sequence

The Browser

The Info Columns
Customizing Info Columns
The Cool Thumbnail View
Control Commands (1)
Control Commands (2)
Control Commands (3)
Navigating in the Browser
Checking Item Properties
Make Offline Command
Browser Tabs

Importing Media into FCP

Importing Video Clips
Importing Folders
Importing Music/Sounds from CD
Importing Stills (1)
Importing Stills (2)

Basic Editing

An Introduction to the Viewer
Setting the In and Out Points of Your Clip
Changing In and out Points
An Introduction to the Canvas
Setting In and out Points in the Canvas/Timeline
Insert Editing
Overwrite Editing
Drag and Drop Editing
Shortening and Extending
Using Lift
Using Ripple Delete
Track Forward Tool
Ripple Trim
Roll Trim

The Viewer: Video Tab

Using the Timecode Windows
Setting Clip View/Zooming
Choosing a Background
Square and non-square pixels
Title Safe/Timecode Overlay
Recent Items/The Generator
Play Controls
Go To Controls
Changing In and out Points
Loading Clips from the Timeline
Audio Tab/Overview
Audio/Using Waveforms
Audio/Level Keyframes

The Tools

Tools (1)
Tools (2)

Editing: Intermediate Techniques

Moving Around the Timeline
Using Markers
Play Commands
Split Edits
Pen Tool for Opacity/Levels
Locking Tracks
Linked Selection/Linked Clips
Track Monitoring/Soloing
Copying and Switching
Copying Transitions

The Trim Window

Entering Trim Edit
Entering/Exiting Trim Edit
Selecting Transition Points
Playing in the Trim Window
Performing a Roll Edit
Performing a Ripple Edit

The Motion Tab

Intro to Basic Motion
Rotation and Anchor Point
Motion Blur
Drop Shadow

Creating FCP Text

Basic Text (1)
Basic Text (2)
Outline Text (1)
Outline Text (2)

Effects: Basic Transitions

Cross Dissolves (1)
Cross Dissolves (2)
Deleting/Customizing Transitions
Audio Dissolves

Effects: SFX and Filters

Applying Filters
Creating Favorite Filter
Creating a Freeze Frame
Fast/Slow and Reverse Motion
Using Paste Attributes
Using Remove Attributes

The Color Corrector 3-Way

Color Corrector (1)
Color Corrector (2)
Color Corrector (3)
Setting Auto Black/White
Using The Tool Bench
Using the Limit Effect
Using the Desaturate Highs/Lows filter

Using Keyframes

Setting Keyframes
Keyframing with Image + Wireframe
Hands-On Keyframing in the Timeline

The Voice Over Tool

Using the Voice Over Tool

Media Management

Intro to the Media Manager
Copy/Move Media
Going from Online to Offline
Going from Offline to Online
Deleting Unused footage
Managing Render Files
Force Offline/Reconnect

Outputting your Project

Mixing Down Audio
Rendering Before Output
Using Render All
Print to Tape
Black Your Tape
Using the Edit to Tape Feature

Exporting Features

Export Final Cut Pro Movie
Export Quicktime
Batch Exporting


Trashing Your Preferences
Extension Management
Dropped Frames
Simplying Your Project
Projects that Won't Open (1)
Projects that Won't Open (2)

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