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Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 Tutorial

Final Cut Pro is Apple's application for making video editing simple and effective. It is a non-linear application that integrates well with Adobe PhotoShop and is full of professional editing features. Virtual Training Company author David Bigelow will show you how to configure Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 for editing videos and will give a detailed explanation of all the tabs and buttons you will encounter. With over 8 hours of in-depth instruction, this tutorial will train you faster than any book. Go ahead and get started by clicking one of the subjects below.


FCP Capabilities
Whats New In FCP 1.2.5
Companion Products For FCP Pro

Configuration of FCP for Video Editing

Preferences: General Tab
Preferences: Device Control Tab
Preferences: Capture Tab
Preferences: Sequence Presets Tab
Preference: Scratch Discs Tab
Hard Drive Configurations


Preparing Video Decks And Source
The Importance Of Reel Names And Conventions
Logging Tab
Clip Settings Tab
Preferences Tab
Capturing Video On The Fly
Capturing Video With Batch Capture
Capture Troubleshooting The Quirks
CD Audio Import
Still Image Import
Adobe PhotoShop Import

The Browser

Project Tabs
The Effects Tab
Bin Tabs And The confusion Surrounding Them
Bins And Sequences
Context Sensitive Menus In Final Cut Pro
Clips And List Mode Data
Using Storyboard Layout Of Bins
Thumbnail Viewing In List Mode

The Viewer

Clip Tabs
The Video Tab
The Audio Tab
The Filters Tab
The Motion Tab
The Zoom Button
The View Button
Timecode Displays in the Viewer
Video Generators
Recent Clips List
Playing Video in the Viewer
Playing Audio Files in the Viewer
JKL Key Heaven
Loading Stills into the Viewer
Timecode Navigation
Creating Subclips

Preparing Clips For Timeline

Selecting Ins And Outs
L-Cut Or Split Edits In The Viewer

Editing With The Canvas And Timeline

The Timeline And The Playhead
Snapping Controls
Overwrite Editing
Insert Editing
3 point Editing
Locking Tracks
Monitoring Tracks
Enabling Video Tracks In The Timeline
Enabling Audio Tracks
Creating Video and Audio Tracks In The Timeline
Playing In The Timeline/Canvas
TC In The Timeline/Canvas
Clip Overlays In The Timeline
Loading Clips Into The Viewer For Adjustments
Deleting Tracks
Adding Tracks
Adding Multiple Tracks

Advanced Editing

Backtimed Editing
MatchFrame Use Restoring Tracks
Marking Clip Ranges To The Timeline
Replace Editing
Fit To Fill Editing
Superimpose Editing
Using The Trim Window
Breaking Sync
Re establishing Sync: Linked Selections

The Tools Window

Selection Tools
Rolling Edit Tool
Ripple Edit Tool
Slip Edit Tool
Slide Edit Tool
Razor Blade Tool
Razor All Tool
Zoom In/Out Tool
Hand Tool
Crop Tool
Distort Tool
Pen Tools

Transition FX

Applying Transitions To A Cut
Adjusting Transitions On A Cut
Setting A Default Transition
Saving A Custom Transition

Filter FX

Applying Filters To A Clip
Adjusting Filters On A Clip
Creating A Custom Filter
Applying A Filter To Multiple Clips


Adding Keyframes
Creating Smooth Keyframes
Deleting Keyframes
Copying/Pasting Keyframe Settings Between Clips

Generating Text FX

The Title Generator
The Lower Thirds Generator

Motion And Scale FX

Loading The Clip Into The Viewer
The Motion Tab
Using The Canvas For Motion/Scale FX

Rendering FX

The Render Quality Settings
Rendering A Selection
Rendering The Timeline
The Cache Manager And Renders

Output To Tape

The Difference between Edit To Tape And Print To Video
The Print To Video Process
The Edit To Tape Process

Output To File: QuickTime

Export AV For Compression In FCP
Export AV For Compression In Media Cleaner Pro

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