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FileMaker Server 10 Tutorial

FileMaker Server is the cornerstone of a trouble-free and performant FileMaker solution deployment. This course describes in detail how to get the most out of FileMaker Server 10 and FileMaker Server 10 Advanced. author and FileMaker Server expert, Wim Decorte, shows how to install and configure FileMaker Server 10 and also what to look out for. Also included in the course are sections on troubleshooting and best practices to make sure your deployment is trouble-free. You'll even learn how to integrate your FileMaker data with other applications and the Web. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the FileMaker Server 10 movie links.


Welcome & Course Overview
What FileMaker Server Is
FileMaker Server History
Hosting on FileMaker Server vs. FileMaker Pro
Important New Features
Mixed Environments pt. 1
Mixed Environments pt. 2

Installing FileMaker Server

System Requirements
Multiple Machine Deployment
The Installation Process pt. 1
The Installation Process pt. 2
Assisted Install
Hosting Files pt. 1
Hosting Files pt. 2
Hosting files - OS X Observations
Installing Server Advanced
Other FileMaker Server Advanced Tools
Updating & Checking Version Numbers

Configuring FileMaker Server - Part 1

The Admin Console
Config Settings - General Information
Config Settings - Clients
Config Settings - Databases pt. 1
Config Settings - Databases pt. 2
Config Settings - AutoUpdate Plugins
Config Settings - Runtime Solutions
Config Settings - Default Folders
Config Settings - Administration pt. 1
Config Settings - Administration pt. 2
Config Settings - Logging
Config Settings - Directory Service

Configuring FileMaker Server - Part 2

Config Settings - Security pt. 1
Config Settings - Security pt. 2
External Authentication - Concepts
EA - Local Accounts / Windows
EA - Local Accounts / OS X
EA - Domain Accounts / Windows pt. 1
EA - Domain Accounts / Windows pt. 2
EA - Domain Accounts / OS X
External Authentication - Setting Up For SSO
External Authentication on the Web
Config Settings - Schedules pt. 1
Config Settings - Schedules pt. 2
The End of Robot Machines? pt. 1
The End of Robot Machines? pt. 2
The End of Robot Machines? pt. 3

Configuring FileMaker Server - Part 3

The Backup Process
Backup Strategies - Windows pt. 1
Backup Strategies - Windows pt. 2
Backup Strategies - OS X pt. 1
Backup Strategies - OS X pt. 2
Server-Side Plug-ins
Live Administration
Command Line SAT Tool
Command Line SAT Tool - Example
Command Line OS Commands
Network Configuration - Remote Access

Monitoring FileMaker Server

From the SAT Tool
From the Command Line
Using the OS Tools - Windows pt. 1
Using the OS Tools - Windows pt. 2
Using the OS Tools - Windows pt. 3
Using the OS Tools - OS X
Event Logs - Windows
Event Logs - OS X
Troubleshooting - General Notes
Troubleshooting - Specific Issues pt. 1
Troubleshooting - Specific Issues pt. 2
Troubleshooting - Specific Issues pt. 3
Troubleshooting - Specific Issues pt. 4
Troubleshooting External Authentication pt. 1
Troubleshooting External Authentication pt. 2

Best Practices

Running Other Applications & Services
Power Backup
Process to Shut Down or Restart the Server
Fail-over Protection

Using FileMaker Data

IWP pt. 1
IWP pt. 2
IWP pt. 3
IWP pt. 4
XML - Introduction pt. 1
XML - Introduction pt. 2
XML - fmDotNet pt. 1
XML - fmDotNet pt. 2
XML - fmDotNet pt. 1
XML - Other Technologies pt. 1
XML - Other Technologies pt. 2

Wrap Up

Wrap Up


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