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FileMaker Pro 8: Expert Tutorial

FileMaker Pro is powerful enough to handle most database jobs yet easy enough to create simple solutions in minutes. This practical "how to" course by FileMaker expert John Mark Osborne, starts from an expert level and uses a calendar example to demonstrate FileMaker Pro theta join relationships, complex calculations and sophisticated scripting techniques. Moreover, relationships, calculations, scripts and other features are combined to show the true power of a FileMaker solution. Even if you don't want to create a calendar, this tutorial will teach you techniques you can use in any solution. Examples of the calendar file are provided at every stage of the creation process, so the user can easily review one section without starting from the beginning. To begin learning more, simply click on one of the FileMaker Pro 8: Expert movie links.

* Most techniques used in these videos are applicable to both FileMaker 7 and 8 (including 8.5). Substitute techniques for FileMaker 7 users will be discussed when necessary.


About John Mark Osborne
Why a Calendar Solution?
Exploring the Calendar
Which FileMaker Version?

New 8.5 Features

Overview pt. 1
Overview pt. 2
Layout Object Naming pt. 1
Layout Object Naming pt. 2
Go To Object Ideas pt. 1
Go To Object Ideas pt. 2
New Functions pt. 1
New Functions pt. 2
List Function pt. 1
List Function pt. 2
Web Viewer Basics pt. 1
Web Viewer Basics pt. 2
Set Web Viewer

Relational Structure

Generate Days Script pt. 1
Generate Days Script pt. 2
Generate Days Script pt. 3
Variables For Speed
Generate Events Script pt. 1
Generate Events Script pt. 2
Import For Speed pt. 1
Import For Speed pt. 2

Month View

Global Navigation Fields
Convert Month To Number
Custom Functions
Filter the Relationship
Plethora of Portals pt. 1
Plethora of Portals pt. 2
Highlight Colors pt. 1
Highlight Colors pt. 2
Highlight Colors pt. 3
Highlight Colors pt. 4
Dimmed Day Numbers pt. 1
Dimmed Day Numbers pt. 2
Navigation Buttons pt. 1
Navigation Buttons pt. 2
Navigation Buttons pt. 3
Navigation Buttons pt. 4

Week View

Table Occurrence Groups
Add Relationships
Create Week Layout pt. 1
Create Week Layout pt. 2
Column Headers pt. 1
Column Headers pt. 2
Adding Appointments pt. 1
Adding Appointments pt. 2
Adding Appointments pt. 3
Adding Appointments pt. 4
Adding Appointments pt. 5
Deleting Appointments pt. 1
Deleting Appointments pt. 2
Changing Appointments pt. 1
Changing Appointments pt. 2
Changing Appointments pt. 3
Navigating Weeks
Interface Considerations pt. 1
Interface Considerations pt. 2

Day View

Add Relationships
Create Day Layout
Revise Delete Appointment Script
Revise Add Appointment Script
Revise Change Appointment Script
Navigating Days Script
Month View Appointments pt. 1
Month View Appointments pt. 2
Month View Appointments pt. 3
Month View Appointments pt. 4
Month View Appointments pt. 5
Add Appointments To Month View


Monthly To Daily pt. 1
Monthly To Daily pt. 2
Monthly To Weekly
Weekly To Daily pt. 1
Weekly To Daily pt. 2
Weekly To Daily pt. 3
Weekly To Daily pt. 4
Weekly To Daily pt. 5
Daily To Weekly pt. 1
Daily To Weekly pt. 2
Daily & Weekly To Monthly pt. 1
Daily & Weekly To Monthly pt. 2
Today Selector
Open Script pt. 1
Open Script pt. 2

Finding & Reporting

Find Layouts pt. 1
Find Layouts pt. 2
Find Script pt. 1
Find Script pt. 2
Supporting Scripts pt. 1
Supporting Scripts pt. 2
Display Found Events in Calendar
Print Layout pt. 1
Print Layout pt. 2
Printing Hit List pt. 1
Printing Hit List pt. 2
Printing Standard Views pt. 1
Printing Standard Views pt. 2


Accounts & Privileges
Add Fields
Modify Relationships
Set Perspective Script pt. 1
Set Perspective Script pt. 2
Record Generation Scripts pt. 1
Record Generation Scripts pt. 2
Fixing Preferences
Default Event Duration
Adding a Labels Interface pt. 1
Adding a Labels Interface pt. 2
Testing the Solution pt. 1
Testing the Solution pt. 2
Fixing the Bug

Working With John Mark Osborne

Free Resources
Consulting & Meta-Consulting
Contacting Me

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