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FileMaker Pro 8: Advanced Tutorial

FileMaker Pro is powerful enough to handle most database jobs yet easy enough to create simple solutions in minutes. This practical "how to" course by FileMaker expert John Mark Osborne, starts from advanced level and uses a single invoicing example to demonstrate FileMaker Pro features and techniques including the Ultimate Find, saving a found set of records for future retrieval, saving find criteria for future use, text parsing to create features, making new requests easier for users, parsing web form generated emails, five methods for deleting duplicates, recursive phone filter, creating preferences in a single-user and multi-user scenario, web-like back and forward buttons, conditional buttons, custom form letters, changing text attributes with scripts and many more techniques with an emphasis on adaptive scripting and calculations. Examples of the invoice file are provided at every stage of the creation process, so the user can easily review one section without starting from the beginning.

The completed invoicing solution included on the beginner, intermediate and advanced FileMaker Pro 8 training is provided as a visual goal. Upon completion of all three titles, you will have created the exact same invoicing solution.

* Most techniques used in these videos are applicable to both FileMaker 8 and 7. Substitute techniques for FileMaker 7 users will be discussed when necessary.

** This tutorial is part three in a 3-part FileMaker Pro 8 series.


About John Mark Osborne
FileMaker 8 Family of Products
About the Tutorial Series
Why an Invoicing Example?
Accounts and Passwords

Ultimate Find

Why Script a Find?
Find Layout
Continue and Cancel
Modular Scripting
Error Capture pt. 1
Error Capture pt. 2
Modify Find
Dynamic Scripting
Finishing Touches pt. 1
Finishing Touches pt. 2

Save a Found Set

Organization pt. 1
Organization pt. 2
Loop with Global
Loop with Variable pt. 1
Loop with Variable pt. 2
Tail Recursion
Compare and Contrast
Save Multiple Found Sets pt. 1
Save Multiple Found Sets pt. 2
Duplicate Set Names
Restore Multiple Found Sets pt. 1
Restore Multiple Found Sets pt. 2
New Window pt. 1
New Window pt. 2

Parsing Text

Text Parsing Features
Gather Find Criteria pt. 1
Gather Find Criteria pt. 2
Store Find Criteria pt. 1
Store Find Criteria pt. 2
Parse Find Criteria pt. 1
Parse Find Criteria pt. 2
Compare and Contrast
Parse Email pt. 1
Parse Email pt. 2
Parse Popup Menu
New Requests Made Easier pt. 1
New Requests Made Easier pt. 2
New Requests Made Easier pt. 3

Delete Duplicates

Exclamation Point
Duplicate Calculation
Global Loop pt. 1
Global Loop pt. 2
Improving the Loop
Replace Field Contents
Export by Group pt. 1
Export by Group pt. 2
Validate on Exit
Compare and Contrast
Contacts from Invoices pt. 1
Contacts from Invoices pt. 2

Recursive Phone Filter

Native Formula
Static Case Statement
Recursive Formula pt. 1
Recursive Formula pt. 2
Faster and Easier to Read
Global Preferences
Other Global Preferences pt. 1
Other Global Preferences pt. 2
Multi-User Preferences pt. 1
Multi-User Preferences pt. 2

Back Button

Mimic Web Browser
Storing Layouts pt. 1
Storing Layouts pt. 2
Back Layout
Forward Layout
Back Record & Window pt. 1
Back Record & Window pt. 2
Visual Interface Cue
Dimmed Buttons Structure pt. 1
Dimmed Buttons Structure pt. 2
Dimmed Buttons Script

Custom Form Letters

Why Spend the Time?
Form Letter Fields
Form Letter Interface pt. 1
Form Letter Interface pt. 2
Print Layout
Print Script pt. 1
Print Script pt. 2
Save and Insert Letters pt. 1
Save and Insert Letters pt. 2
Save and Insert Letters pt. 3
Changing Text Style
Text Attribute Script pt. 1
Text Attribute Script pt. 2
Text Attribute Script pt. 3

Final Touches

Delete Portal Row pt. 1
Delete Portal Row pt. 2
Hidden Notes pt. 1
Hidden Notes pt. 2
Menu Button Change
Print as PDF Dynamically
Better List to Form
Final Adjustments

Working with John Mark Osborne

Free Resources
Consulting and Meta-Consulting
Contacting Me

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