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FileMaker Pro 7 Tutorial

Virtual Training Company author Jesse Feiler introduces you to FileMaker 7: the biggest change to FileMaker in a decade. If you’re a beginner, you’ll see how to get started using the Starter Solution templates to manage your data. When you’re ready to move on to creating your own database, Feiler shows you how to design effective layouts and how to use the new database design tools to create powerful yet elegant solutions. Feiler shows you how to define multi-table database files, how to manage complex relationships, how to use the new unified security model, and how to work with file references. You’ll also see how to effortlessly publish your databases on the Web using the new Instant Web Publishing features. To get started today, simply click on one of the links below.

Introducing FileMaker 7

About this Tutorial
FileMaker 7 Overview
The FileMaker Family
Starter Solutions

Entering Data in Browse Mode

Getting Started with FileMaker
The Browse Mode Menus
Working with a Data Layout
Using the Status Area in Browse Mode
Entering Text
Using Container Fields
Inserting Other Data with the Insert Menu
Using the Records Menu and Auto-Entering Data
Replacing Data
Using the Browse Mode View Menu
Using the Toolbars
Sorting Data

Printing and Presenting Data in Preview Mode

Using the Status Area
Sliding Fields
Printing Labels
Print Options on Windows
Print Options on Macintosh

Designing the Interface in Layout Mode

Using Layout Mode
Showing Objects on a Layout pt. 1
Showing Objects on a Layout pt. 2
Working With Rulers
Using the Status Area
Using the Status Area Fill and Pen Controls
Positioning Objects on a Layout by Alignment
Positioning Objects on a Layout with Tools
Adding and Formatting Fields
Other Basic Layout Mode Features

Finding Data in Find Mode

Finding Data the Simple Way
Constraining and Extending Found Sets
Using Multiple Find Criteria
Using Find Requests (OR)
Using the Status Area and Omitting Records
Finding Text pt. 1
Finding Text pt. 2
Finding Numbers/Dates/Times

Using the Design Database Dialog

Database Terminology
Design Database Dialog Basics
Creating Fields
Working with Field Types
Creating Relationships
Making Databases Robust
Creating One-to-One Relationships
Displaying Data in Related Fields
Displaying Data in Portals
Using Auto-Enter Field Options
Using Validation Field Options
Using Storage Field Options

Putting It Together: Database Design and Layout

Creating Join Tables and Relationships
Building the Join Tables Layout
Entering Data pt. 1
Entering Data pt. 2
Finding Data

Advanced Relationships

Using Tables in Other Databases pt. 1
Using Tables in Other Databases pt. 2
Using File References
Using Self-Joins
Using Complex Relationships
Using Relationships to Find Data

Working with Value Lists

Creating Value Lists
Creating Value Lists from Other Sources
Using Value Lists Lists (Windows)
Using Value Lists (Mac OS X)
Using Value Lists for Sorting and Validation

More on Layouts

Formatting Numbers pt. 1
Formatting Numbers pt. 2
Formatting Dates
Formatting Times
Formatting Graphics
Formatting Buttons
Formatting Portals
Field Formats and Behaviors
Formatting Borders
Format Painter

Putting It Together: Improving Data Entry

Using Value Lists
Finishing Up the Layout
Restructuring the Database File

Working with Functions and Calculations

Using the Specify Calculation Dialog pt. 1
Using the Specify Calculation Dialog pt. 2
Using Functions
Specifying Calculation Storage
Aggregate Functions
Date Functions
Design Functions
Get Functions
Logical Functions: If/Case/Choose
Logical Functions: Let
Number Functions
Repeating Functions
Summary Functions
Text Functions pt. 1
Text Functions pt. 2
Text Formatting Functions
Time and Timestamp Functions
Trigonometric/Custom/External Functions

Introducing Scripts

Introducing ScriptMaker
Using the ScriptMaker Edit Window
Using Script Parameters
Running Scripts Automatically
Navigation pt. 1
Navigation pt. 2
Found Sets
Accounts/Spelling/Open Menu Item/Misc.

Summaries and Design

Fleshing Out the Database
Implementing the Relationships
Using Summary Fields on Layouts
Creating a Summary Layout pt. 1
Creating a Summary Layout pt. 2
Creating a Summary Layout pt. 3
Creating a Summary Layout pt. 4
Improving the Database: Joins for Searching

Setting Up Security

The Unified Security Model
Setting Up Accounts
Setting Up Privileges

Instant Web Publishing

Instant Web Publishing Overview
Setting Up IWP

FileMaker Networking

Using a Networked Database
Sharing a FileMaker Database

Importing and Exporting Data

Importing Data pt. 1
Importing Data pt. 2
Importing Options
Exporting Data


ODBC for Import/Export (Windows) pt. 1
ODBC for Import/Export (Windows) pt. 2
ODBC for Import/Export (Mac OS X)


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