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FileMaker Pro 5 Tutorial

Create powerful relational databases that allow you to produce invoices, form letters, client contact databases, purchase order systems, and much more. Virtual Training Company's FileMaker Pro 5 tutorial teaches you this application by taking you through the creation of a complete business system. With author Mark Vernon, you will build databases for customers, products, orders, invoicing, and more. You will also learn to make them all interact seamlessly. Soon you will learn how to create relational databases, reports, use scripts, calculations and functions. Get started by clicking below on any selection you want to learn about.

Using Filemaker Pro 5

Creating and Deleting Records
Finding Information
Find Symbols
Sorting Information
Printing Information

Contact Database

Defining Fields
Types of Fields
Entry Options
Value Field
Changing the Layout
Alignment Options
Altering Layout Text
Field Formatting
Creating a Layout
Table Views
Opening or importing Data
Create a Goto Button
Create a Mail Merge Letter
Making it all look pretty
Adding Graphics
Turn Graphics into Buttons
Simple Scripting

Invoicing Database

Creating the Invoicing Database
Tab order
Repetitive Fields
Calculations on Fields
Hidden Fields
Summary Totals
Lookups & One to Many Relationship
Client Code Lookup

Product Database

Value Lists
Importing Pictures
Replace Command
Create Price Catalog for Print
Exporting Data

Line Items for Invoicing

Product Lookups
One to One Relationship
Create and use Portals
Calculations across Databases
Product Lookup (Again!)
Modifying Portals
Script for Printing Invoice


Unpaid Invoices Report
Line Items Report
Exporting Summary Information
Copy Data to another Application

Refining your databases

Create a Navigation Window
Startup Scripts and Zoom Window
Sharing Common Data
Using a Close Button to Close Windows
Portals and Go to Related Record
Sort Related Records
Self Join Relationship


Bills/Purchase Database
Contact History Database
Cashbook Database

Sharing Databases

Sharing your databases
Filemaker on the Web
Access Priveleges

Miscellaneous Stuff

Backup / Save a Copy As
Recovering Damaged Databases
Field Borders
Filemaker Pro 5 Preferences

Fun with Scripting and Functions

Introduction to Scripting & Functions
Copying Scripts
External Scripts
If Then Else Script
If Then Else in Calculations
Capture On/Off
Open Web and Send Email
Import/Export Scripts
Backup Script


About the Author

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