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FileMaker Pro 11: Intermediate Tutorial

FileMaker Pro is powerful enough to handle most database jobs yet easy enough to create simple solutions in minutes. This practical "how to" course by FileMaker expert John Mark Osborne, starts from advanced level and uses a single invoicing example to demonstrate FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10 and 11 features and techniques including the Ultimate Find, saving a found set of records for future retrieval, saving find criteria for future use, text parsing to create features, making new requests easier for users, parsing web form generated emails, five methods for deleting duplicates, recursive phone filter, creating preferences in a single-user and multi-user scenario, web-like back and forward buttons, conditional buttons, custom form letters, changing text attributes with scripts, script triggers and many more techniques with an emphasis on adaptive scripting and calculations. Examples of the invoice file are provided at every stage of the creation process so the user can easily review one section without starting from the beginning.


About John Mark Osborne
System Requirements
FileMaker 11 Family of Products pt. 1
FileMaker 11 Family of Products pt. 2
About the Tutorial Series pt. 1
About the Tutorial Series pt. 2
Why an Invoicing Solution? pt. 1
Why an Invoicing Solution? pt. 2
What is a Database? pt. 1
What is a Database? pt. 2
Planning Your Solution
New FileMaker 11 Features

Interface Design

Recap Previous Course
Screen Size
Background pt. 1
Background pt. 2
Tabs/Bars & Buttons pt. 1
Tabs/Bars & Buttons pt. 2
Tabs/Bars & Buttons pt. 3
Field Outlines
Finishing Touches pt. 1
Finishing Touches pt. 2
Tabbed Buttons pt. 1
Tabbed Buttons pt. 2
Notes Layout pt. 1
Notes Layout pt. 2
List View pt. 1
List View pt. 2
List View pt. 3
Design Considerations


Relational Theory
Data Modeling pt. 1
Data Modeling pt. 2
Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD) pt. 1
Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD) pt. 2
Invoicing ERD
Creating a Relationship
Related Fields
Populating a Foreign Key pt. 1
Populating a Foreign Key pt. 2
Live Links
Many-To-Many Relationship pt. 1
Many-To-Many Relationship pt. 2
Creating a Portal
How the Join Works
Portal Improvements
Aggregating Portals
Two-Way Relationships
Start & End
Go to Related Record
Organizing Layouts
Completing the Interface

Table Occurrences

What are Table Occurrences?
Where are Table Occurrences Used?
Portal Filtering pt. 1
Portal Filtering pt. 2
Filtered Relationships pt. 1
Filtered Relationships pt. 2
Filtered Relationships pt. 3
Portal Filtering Discussion
Calculated Portals
Date Range Portals
Table Occurrence Tricks pt. 1
Table Occurrence Tricks pt. 2
Conditional Value Lists pt. 1
Conditional Value Lists pt. 2
Scripts & Calculations
Organizing the Graph
Table Occurrence Groups


Overview pt. 1
Overview pt. 2
Complete Approach
Accounts pt. 1
Accounts pt. 2
Other Privileges
Data Access & Design pt. 1
Data Access & Design pt. 2
Record Level Access
Extended Privileges
External File Protection
No Access Layout pt. 1
No Access Layout pt. 2
Bits & Pieces pt. 1
Bits & Pieces pt. 2
Overdue Invoices pt. 1
Overdue Invoices pt. 2
Capturing Errors
Add Account
Delete Account
Multiple Files
Random Passwords pt. 1
Random Passwords pt. 2
Miscellaneous Features
Manager Override pt. 1
Manager Override pt. 2


Send Email pt. 1
Send Email pt. 2
Menu Button pt. 1
Menu Button pt. 2
Script Parameters
Find Rolodex pt. 1
Find Rolodex pt. 2
Dynamic Messages
Duplicate Invoices pt. 1
Duplicate Invoices pt. 2
Dynamic Layouts
Print Invoice Layout pt. 1
Print Invoice Layout pt. 2
Print Invoice Script
Batch Print Invoices
Inventory Control Add
Inventory Control Subtract
Deleting Portal Rows pt. 1
Deleting Portal Rows pt. 2
Quick Find Script


Sales Tax pt. 1
Sales Tax pt. 2
Grand Total
Basic Phone Filter pt. 1
Basic Phone Filter pt. 2
Phone Number Validation
Remove Text Formatting
Overdue Invoice Display
Parsing Text Basics
Importing Multiple Records
Scripts vs. Calculations
Parsing Text Advanced
Field Level Tracking
Field Level Tracking Advanced pt. 1
Field Level Tracking Advanced pt. 2
True Modification Timestamp
GetNthRecord Tooltip

FileMaker Pro Advanced

Advanced Features pt. 1
Advanced Features pt. 2
Advanced Features pt. 3
Recover pt. 1
Recover pt. 2
Recover pt. 3
Configuring Plug-Ins pt. 1
Configuring Plug-Ins pt. 2
Plug-In Examples pt. 1
Plug-In Examples pt. 2
Plug-In Examples pt. 3
Database Design Report
Developer Utilities
File Maintenance
Debugging Scripts pt. 1
Debugging Scripts pt. 2
Debugging Scripts pt. 3
Custom Functions pt. 1
Custom Functions pt. 2
Recursive Custom Functions
Custom Menus Layout Driven
Custom Menus Scripted

Multi-User Solutions

Hosts & Guests pt. 1
Hosts & Guests pt. 2
Sharing a File
Record Locking Defined
Global Fields & Script Variables
Scripting for a Locked Record pt. 1
Scripting for a Locked Record pt. 2
Scripting for Multiple Locked Records pt. 1
Scripting for Multiple Locked Records pt. 2
Marking Records pt. 1
Marking Records pt. 2
Marking Records pt. 3
Saving a Found Set pt. 1
Saving a Found Set pt. 2
Retrieving a Found Set

Working with John Mark Osborne

Free Resources
Consulting & Meta-Consulting
Contacting Me

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