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FileMaker Pro 11: Beginner Tutorial

FileMaker Pro is powerful enough to handle most database jobs yet easy enough to create simple solutions in minutes. This practical "how to" course by FileMaker expert John Mark Osborne, starts from beginner level and uses a single invoicing example to demonstrate all the features in FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10 and 11 including field creation, finding, sorting, layout mode, container fields, auto-entry, validation, printing, scripts, calculations, importing, exporting, interface design and new FIleMaker Pro 11 features including charting, snapshot links and the inspector. Examples of the invoice file are provided at every stage of the creation process so the user can easily review one section without starting from the beginning.


About John Mark Osborne
System Requirements
FileMaker 11 Family of Products pt. 1
FileMaker 11 Family of Products pt. 2
About the Tutorial Series pt. 1
About the Tutorial Series pt. 2
Why an Invoicing Solution? pt. 1
Why an Invoicing Solution? pt. 2
What is a Database? pt. 1
What is a Database? pt. 2
Planning Your Solution
New FileMaker 11 Features

Creating a Database

Quick Start
New Empty File
Creating Fields pt. 1
Creating Fields pt. 2
Housekeeping Fields pt. 1
Housekeeping Fields pt. 2
Housekeeping Fields pt. 3
Adding Fields to a Layout
Modifying & Organizing Fields
Other Tabs

Working with the Database

Data Entry
Importing Data pt. 1
Importing Data pt. 2
Importing Data pt. 3
Recurring Import
Status Toolbar
Customizing the Status Toolbar
The Four Modes
Records Menu pt. 1
Records Menu pt. 2
Records Menu pt. 3
Preview Mode
New Layout pt. 1
New Layout pt. 2
Table View
Schema from Table View

Finding & Sorting

Basic Find
How the Index Works
New Requests
Range Finds
The Rest of the Operators
Found Sets without Find Mode
Constrain & Extend
Sorting Records pt. 1
Sorting Records pt. 2
New Window
Quick Find
Save Find Requests
Snapshot Links

Modifying Layouts

Status Toolbar pt. 1
Status Toolbar pt. 2
Arrow Tool
Field Tool
Text Tool pt. 1
Text Tool pt. 2
Text Tool pt. 3
Line Tool
Rectangles & Ovals
More with Text Blocks

Modifying Layouts Advanced

Tab Control pt. 1
Tab Control pt. 2
Field Control
Value Lists
Parts Overview
Adding & Modifying Parts
Layouts Menu pt. 1
Layouts Menu pt. 2
Format Menu
Inspector pt. 1
Inspector pt. 2
Arrange Menu
View Menu
Layout Badges
Positioning Objects Precisely
Other Tools

Working with Container Fields

Creating Container Fields
Inserting a Picture
Inserting a PDF
Insert Other Files
Other Insert Items


Serial Numbers pt. 1
Serial Numbers pt. 2
Value from Last Visited
Calculated Auto-Enter pt. 1
Calculated Auto-Enter pt. 2
Lookups pt. 1
Lookups pt. 2
Lookups pt. 3


Strict Data Type
Not Empty/Unique & Existing
Calculated Validations
Customizing Messages
Always vs. Data Entry


Enhanced Report Assistant
Printing Philosophy
Creating a Print Layout pt. 1
Creating a Print Layout pt. 2
Contact List
Print Options
Adjusting Labels
Merge Letters
More Merge Letters
Sliding Objects
Building a Report
Viewing a Report
Summarizing a Report
Varying a Report
Improved Contact List pt. 1
Improved Contact List pt. 2
Charting in Reports

Scripting & Calculations

Definition of a Script
Basic Script
Script Steps with Depth
Evil Script Steps
Activating Scripts
Definition of a Calculation
Basic Calculation
Layout Navigation
Record Navigation
Perfect Highlights
More Scripts
Manage Scripts
Deleting a Record
Printing a Layout
Open Script
Open Script Considerations
Close Script
Recreate the Status Toolbar
Case vs. If
Billing or Shipping Labels
Fixing the Label Calculation
Age Display
Birthdays Find

Importing & Exporting

Import & Export Defined
Importing FileMaker Files
Updating FileMaker Files
Importing a Folder
Data Sources
Exporting Files
Group By
Export to HTML
Importing Schema

Miscellaneous Features

Global Fields Defined
Custom Report Title
Multi-User Global Fields
Repeating Fields
Spell Checking
Engraving & Embossing
Send Email
Tab Order

Working with John Mark Osborne

Free Resources
Consulting & Meta-Consulting
Contacting Me

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