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FileMaker 9 & PHP Foundations Tutorial

The most popular web scripting language PHP* is now distributed and supported by the most efficient desktop database software company FileMaker Inc**. If you know FileMaker and you want to use your data on the web this tutorial shows you the "How-To" from a leading industry expert. The tutorial curriculum is developed as an A-to-Z package. You will be introduced to Custom Web Publishing using FileMaker Server 9, taught the essentials of PHP, and then discover the powerful methods of FileMaker's new API for PHP. Learn the solid foundations of custom web development with PHP and FileMaker Pro***. To begin learning FileMaker 9 & PHP Foundations, simply click on the movie links below.

* FileMaker distributes PHP 5.x
** Requires a copy of FileMaker Server 9
*** Requires a copy of FileMaker Pro 9


Web Publishing with PHP
Custom Web Publishing with PHP
The Development Environment

PHP Basics

Code Basics pt. 1
Code Basics pt. 2
Variable Basics
General Output
Advanced Output pt. 1
Advanced Output pt. 2
Include & Require
Configuring PHP pt. 1
Configuring PHP pt. 2
Redirects & Resources

PHP Flow Control

Selection with "IF" pt. 1
Selection with "IF" pt. 2
Selection with "SWITCH"
Repetition pt. 1
Repetition pt. 2
Continue & Break
Terminate & Capture pt. 1
Terminate & Capture pt. 2

PHP Data

Data Types pt. 1
Data Types pt. 2
Globals & Constants
Testing Variables & Constants

PHP Arrays

Creating Arrays pt. 1
Creating Arrays pt. 2
Working with Arrays
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
Traversing Arrays pt. 1
Traversing Arrays pt. 2
Traversing Arrays pt. 3
Traversing Arrays pt. 4
Modifying Arrays pt. 1
Modifying Arrays pt. 2
Testing Arrays pt. 1
Testing Arrays pt. 2
Testing Arrays pt. 3

PHP Custom Functions & Objects

Defining Functions
Passing Parameters
Output & Returns
Passing By Reference pt. 1
Passing By Reference pt. 2
Defining Objects
Instances & Assignments
Methods & Properties
Extending Objects
Scope Resolution & Static Components

FileMaker's API for PHP

Files & Documentation
Including the FileMaker Class
Preparing FileMaker Files for API Access
Creating & Using the FileMaker Object
FileMaker Method Results
FileMaker Error Checking
Reviewing Command Classes
Reviewing Non-Command Classes

Performing Basic Finds

Find Any
Exploring Result Objects
Exploring Record Objects
Find All
Perform Find pt. 1
Perform Find pt. 2
Perform Find pt. 3
Searching Related Data

Performing Advanced Finds

User Event Finds pt. 1
User Event Finds pt. 2
Finding by Script pt. 1
Finding by Script pt. 2
Finding by Relationship & Displaying Portals pt. 1
Finding by Relationship & Displaying Portals pt. 2
Finding by Relationship & Displaying Portals pt. 3
Finding by RecordID pt. 1
Finding by RecordID pt. 2
Compound Finds pt. 1
Compound Finds pt. 2

Formatting Output Data

Formatting Value Lists pt. 1
Formatting Value Lists pt. 2
Formatting Form Elements pt. 1
Formatting Form Elements pt. 2
Formatting Text & Numbers
Formatting Dates & Times

Preparing Data for Input

Security & User Input
API Validation Tools pt. 1
API Validation Tools pt. 2
API Validation Tools pt. 3
Converting Form Elements

Working with Records

Editing with the Edit Command pt. 1
Editing with the Edit Command pt. 2
Editing with the Record Object pt. 1
Editing with the Record Object pt. 2
Creating Records
Deleting Records
Duplicating Records

Summarizing Data

PHP & Sub Summary Reports
From Records to Arrays pt. 1
From Records to Arrays pt. 2
Building Sub-Summary Arrays pt. 1
Building Sub-Summary Arrays pt. 2
Display Summary Arrays pt. 1
Display Summary Arrays pt. 2
Producing Leading Grand Totals pt. 1
Producing Leading Grand Totals pt. 2

Working with Container Data

Displaying Container Data
Exporting Container Data


Overview & Closing
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