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FL Studio 9 Tutorial

FL Studio 9 is the latest version of the popular audio/MIDI workstation. Version 9 introduces exciting new features and numerous bug fixes. These new features continue FL Studio's assault on the domination of applications such as ProTools and Logic. In this VTC course, author Sam McGuire helps FL Studio users navigate the FL Studio application, focusing on the new features in FL Studio XXL Bundle. The course is based on work flows you would find in the real world and not simply a list of definitions of tools and functions. Using FL Studio to create music is the goal, and this course helps users create a seamless and transparent environment. Continuing on the FL Studio 8 course, this new material is designed to sharpen your skills and provide the means to be a master user of the software. Work Files are included. To begin learning FL Studio 9 today, simply click on one of the movie links.


Introduction to FL Studio 9

New Features

New Features in 9
New Generators in 9
New Effects in 9

Windows 7

Transitioning to Windows 7

Creative Process

Writing Music
Starting with Drums
Starting with Melody
Writing Aids


Making a 1st Draft
Arranging in the Playlist
Saving Alternate Takes for Later
Finding the Key Elements


Replacing MIDI with Audio
Replacing Loops with Other Parts
Finalizing the Song Form

Working on the Mix

Mixer Features
MIDI Versus Mixing
EQ2 in Use
Multiband Compressor
Delay Bank
Stereo Enhancer
Working in Mono

Advanced Mixing

How to Make a Good Mix Great
Mixing as a Form of Arranging
What to Listen For
Example pt. 1
Example pt. 2

Creative Recording

Microphone Technique
Portable Room Treatments
Getting Good Results Anywhere

Editing Audio

Review of the Edison Editor
Advanced Editing
Creative Editing
Stutter and Reverse Effects


What is a Vocoder?
Using Vocodex
Vocodex in Your Mix
Voice Example

Stereo Shaper

Stereo Shaper Theory
Using the Shaper in Your Mix
Using the Shaper in Mastering


Maximus Theory
Using Maximus on Tracks
Using Maximus for Mastering
Example pt. 1
Example pt. 2


Hardcore in Use
Comparing Hardcore
Getting Good Guitar Tones
Example pt. 1
Example pt. 2

Directwave Sampler

Sampling Principles
Using Sampled Instruments
Recording Samples
Editing Samples
Mapping Samples
Mapping Examples
Art of Looping
Auto Sampling Other Instruments

Third Party Instruments

Using Other Instruments
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra
Native Instruments

FL Studio Plugin

Using FL Studio Inside Sonar
Installing FL Plugins for Use
Managing Sync


Gross Beat

Performing Live

Setting Up for Live Performance
Typical Live Protocol
Recording Your Performance

Advanced MIDI

Riff Machine
Mastering Quantization
Continuous Controllers

Additional Content

Navigating the Browser
Using .EXS Instruments
Finding Content Online

Finishing Your Project

Mastering the Mix
Exporting the Mix
Archiving the Project


Using FL Studio with ProTools
Using FL Studio with Sonar
Using FL Studio with Logic


Wrap Up


Author Bio

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